Knowledge workers produce, analyze, or manipulate information. They are smart, often highly educated, and interested in making a difference. The heart of a fast-moving company, they have to work together to get your product out fast. And they have to stay with the company long enough to make a difference.

Traditional, top-down methods of motivating knowledge workers and encouraging team collaboration simply don't work. Theories of organizational behavior that managers and consultants relied on don't fit the new world your company is helping create.

Our approach is based instead on fundamental principles of social psychology and cutting-edge research in organizational behavior.

ZevGroup recognizes that individuals work best in teams in which they hear and acknowledge other team members, are heard and acknowledged by them, and are challenged to perform at their highest levels. When these three criteria are met, knowledge workers are most likely to work passionately for the company, and least likely to seek other positions.

We study your workplace and we make recommendations that will work for your star performers and for your organization's performance. We take a "bottom-up" approach, teaching transferable skills directly to knowledge worker team members. Brief workshops incorporate hands-on simulations and interactive exercises, which have shown to be the most effective teaching methods.

Teams cannot be effective in a vacuum. ZevGroup also works with managers to build lasting alliances and create a culture to support individuals' ideas as well as to strengthen the company's bottom line.


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