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The city of Ithaca and Tompkins County both have designated people to handle the Y2K problem. For the city Patricia Vaughan - tel 273-3870 - E-mail and for the County Charles V. Evans, tel 273-5488, E-mail .

The Y2K problem could cause one of three possible predicaments. The first would be a what some call a Brown Out , which would cause some disruptions; maybe a loss of power or limited availability. This siuation would last for a while, but after some passage of time things would start getting back to normal. The next possibility is called Black Out , which would cause a total loss of power in some areas. Many electical utilities will stop operation. The electrical grid will be seriously affected, lasting from a a few days to a couple of weeks. Major disruption in other service utilities also lasting the same amount of time. Recovering from this would be much slower. And the worst case scenario would be what is termed a Melt Down with all that those words imply. Recovery from this could be very long.

Most experts think that the strongest possibility will be between a serious Brown Out or a Black Out ; some disruption, but no one knows the real extent of it. Let us hope so and pray this is what happens.

So I would advise everyone of you out there to call or email the city or county person responsible and find out just how the city and county are preparing for this event. It is going to happen and the city and county should have some emergency plan or many people will suffer.

Tompkins county Residents

Here is a list of shelters in the Tompkins County area.

Considering what happened last year, the ice storm up North in the Syracuse-Owego area, the tornado that hit the Binghamton area. The possible effects of the Y2k bug next year. Well maintained, stocked, and managed shelters are vital to our area. The list has a total capacity for 15, 425 person in an area population of approx. 125,000 people.

The possibility of a power lost, whether from an ice storm, tornado, etc, or from some malfunctioning computers somewhere is real. So these shelters should all have generators/food/cots/etc. All we know at the moment is that they exist, not their capabilities. Citizens in those towns and locality should check.

GET THOSE SHELTERS UP TO DATE or someone in your family or neighborhood will have a good chance of suffering.

With the above in mind this site will furnish links, to go to the specific town click on the colored name, for all the towns in Tompkins County and the officials in those towns. So working clockwise we first get the town of Lansing. At the moment all we have for the town official are phone numbers, we hope to get there e-mail, if they have one, soon.

Next we go to the town of Groton. Now the town of Groton furnishes even less on their website. Just the phone numbers of the offices, but here again we hope to get the e-mail addresses.

Moving on we come to the town of Dryden. Here again we only get the office phone numbers. We will endeavor to get more information in the future.

The next one on our list is the town of Caroline. Here at least we have individual phone numbers of board members and an e-mail address to the board.

Next is the town of Danby. One thing we know of the town of Danby, Where every town in Tompkins County have shelter capacity, even the small village of W. Danby, the town of Danby HAS ABSOLUTELY NO SHELTER SPACE. Think of that, these town official sure seem not to care if there citizens suffer IN a disaster. You citizen of Danby had better start pressuring your officials. Also it seems that no phone number or e-mail address are given at all. The only way to get in touch with one of these individuals is to attend one of their meetings. Since this town has no shelter at all. We will list the name of the board members.

Board Members

Okay, moving on. We now come to the town of Newfield. Newfield does furnish a phone number for each of its board members.

Closing the circle we come finally to the town of Ulysses. Here we have no e-mail, but the phone number of every town official plus the board members.

To finish our listing we come to the City of Ithaca. Here not only do we get a phone number of every official, but an e-mail link for everyone also.

For W. Danby citizens to help create a West Danby shelter click here.

Paul Glover of Ithaca Hours is putting together a Y2K Team for the purpose of organizing community resources, this is a worthwhile project. For those interested in finding out more and how to join click

A Y2K Calendar

The 1999 "What You Should do to Prepare for the Year 2000 and Other Possible Emergencies" Calendar was a special effort on the part of the Tompkins - Seneca - Tioga BOCES Commercial Art/Computer Graphics class to help our community learn about emergencies preparedness and the Y2K issue. Students researched the topic, organized the information, designed and produced the calendar.
Calendars can be ordered by calling T-S-T BOCES at 607-257-1551, ext 261, between 8:30 AM and 2:30 PM EST Monday tru Friday. They are $7.00 each. This covers the production and printing costs.

This section contains information you might want to have.

What to ask your doctor .

What you can expect from the Goverment and/or the Red Cross:
Red Cross

Terry Ricklefs one of our member has writen a paper comparing the mood of the people today as compared to the mood at the time of the sinking of the Titanic.

For more information on the year 2000 problem check out the following pages.

Here is a great site for links to all kinds of info on the y2k problems and information. You will find sites to:

The Cost of fixing the Year 2000 problem.

The Y2k-homestead List is made up of people from all over this country, people who are sharing information on what to do in case of a more than minimal disruption. All kinds of information is being discuss, from how to do canning of all kind of food to how to built hand operated water pumps. But be forewarn this is a very active list and you can expect at least from 50 to a 100 messages a day.
To Join the email list [type subscribe in the body of the message).

If you want a good explanation on what the Y2K problem is and why it could be so disruptive, check out this site .

The National Regulatory Research Institute has a listing by states on how the utlities preparedness is going on. This will give you an idea of what the power grid will do. You also might want to check out their home page for other interesting information on the Y2K problem.

Some of you might want to store gasoline . Here is good site for information on what to do.

Paul Glover of Ithaca Hours has put together a mailing list "ithy2k-l" . This mailing list is very helpful to anyone interested in keeping abreast of both the going on in Ithaca hours and preparedness for the y2k problem.
Anyone interested is, "Welcome to join."

To subscribe you have to do the following

For other related information on Tompkins County and the Ithaca NY area check out the following sites:

Municipal Home Pages

For further infomation contact. J. Bert Labbé, aka maha,
by phone at 273-4887