Scrabble for Literacy

    Recognition Dinner


    SCRABBLE FOR LITERACY: Scrabble for Literacy is not a tournament; it's a party. The rules of the event allow everyone to participate and have a good time, no matter their Scrabble skill level. Guests will be seated at tables of eight, and when Scrabble play begins, watch out! Each table will play as a team against all other tables.

    Contact us at 607-277-6442 to purchase the tickets for next year's event, held on March 5, 2005.

    Scrabble: Tompkins Learning Partners Style!

    • Three rounds of Scrabble, each lasting 20 minutes.
    • All tiles out on the table before play begins -- team members may use any and all tiles during play.
    • All teams beginning play with the same designated word.
    • All teams playing against all other teams throughout the night -- highest single table score of the night wins the grand prize.
    • Any length word acceptable as teams buy letters from judges to increase scores or purchase a peek at the dictionary to settle disputes over words.
    • Sky rocketing scores as teams rack their brains for ways to use the least popular letters of the alphabet.
    • Triple scores in two directions at once!

    Photos from the 2004 Scrabble for Literacy tournament:

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    RECOGNITION DINNER: Every year TLP has a dinner to honor students and volunteers. Guests bring food to share with each other and TLP provides the desserts. After dinner, TLP staff members give our awards to volunteers and students. Each year, TLP hands out a special award, the Henry Cowan Outstanding Tutor Award, to a tutor who works especially hard to help people make their lives better through literacy.

    Photos from the 2004 Recognition Dinner:

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