For example:


     "This work has been years in the making.
      You read it not to believe it in one sitting.
      You read it to understand it fully across many years.
      Eventually your own mind will take over the process of that
      understanding until you can see the final conclusion:

      Learning with certainty across a distance is impossible."

     Learning, Certainty, Causality and Consciousness

     Scalar means zero dimensional.
     Scalar objects are neither big nor small. 
     Scalars have no size at all.

     The idea that something has to have size to exist is wrong.
     Relativistic Mechanics is ridiculous.
     Quantum Mechanics is ridiculous.
     Scalar Mechanics is ridiculous.
     So, get with the program already!

     True genius is the ability to pursue the idiotic to fruition.

     The fundamental axioms of all great theories are based on

     You can not learn with Perfect Certainty about the nature of Cause,
nor even the very existence of Cause, by only being the Effect of that

     Learning by being an effect produces only theory, never ever
Perfect Certainty.
     Homer Wilson Smith, ca 2019

     If I speak with Authority, it is only because I am Author.
     At first they said it wasn't true.  Then they said it wasn't
important.  Then they said they knew it all along.  Which was true.
     Apparently God was a mathematician first, and a purveyor of
damnation second.

     Occam's Razor is best suited for sophomores to cut their own
throats while theorizing in the morning.

     Occam's Sharpening Strap says do not postulate anything
that you can PROVE can not be PROVEN.

     Occam's Nut Cracker, is used to crack 'perfectly round' theory
balls into many pieces so they can be rearranged into something better.

     A perfectly round theory ball is a theory where all observations
are explained, and all predictions are observed.

     Theory balls are best used for croquet.

     I doubt I am, therefore I am, for a nothing could not wonder
whether or not it was a something or a nothing.

     I know I am with perfect certainty, therefore I am forever, for only
a scalar can operate perfect certainty and a scalar has no space 
to be busted apart in, nor time to die in.

     Only something that had no space or time (scalar) could fall for
the illusions of space and time.

     One can not make a non space-time machine out of space-time
machines, and one can not make space-time machines out of non space-time
     Causation is not sufficient to witness causation.  (Jane's Law)

     Difference implies existence.

     You can't BE red without BEING first.

     To be certain that you can't be certain of anything is absurd,
certainly.  Therefore certainty exists.
     Uncertainty exists.  To doubt it, is to prove it.

     Any possible statement that anyone could ever state can be
canonicalized into I am perfectly certain that "statement".

     It is impossible to not know if you don't know or to be uncertain
whether you are uncertain or not.  Thus all uncertainty is 'I am
perfectly certain I am uncertain.'

     Love and Shame can not of force and mass be made.

     Force and Mass are the proxy for cause in the kinetic universe
which is a dream virtualization of matter and energy objects in space
and time and the cause between them.
     True cause in runs on Will and Motivation born of desire and Omni
Sovereignty.  Sovereignty means 'you want it you got it', or more
accurately 'You conceive it, you got it.'

     The Beautiful Mind theorem says that the existence of peers is not
peer-reviewed.  How can you get corroboration from peers, if you don't
have corroboration of the existence of the corroborators?

     No number of uncertainties that something may be false can hold a
candle to one perfect certainty that something is true.

     Learning with Certainty across a difference, dimension or distance
is impossible.

     Therefore two different objects can never be certain of each other.
     Therefore if God and Soul are two different objects, they will
never be able to know each other with perfect certainty.  They will
forever remain a theory to each other.
     Consciousness is not a process in the brain.  The brain, along with
the rest of the world, is a virtualized process in consciousness, and
its myriad incarnations, me and thee.
     Homer Wilson Smith