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Our Tea Tyme Natural Soaps

uses only natural, vegan safe oils

Our Tea Soaps have good lathering qualities, they are exfoliating and vegan safe.
We use only pure, natural fragrance oils
A "Pride of New York" product

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Celtic Milk and Olive Oil Soaps

We proudly feature McGillycuddyís all natural soaps. The McGillycuddyís have been producing traditional Irish Soap for generations.

All natural ingredients with wonderful fragrances, good lathering qualities and are very mild on even the most sensitive skin.
A great addition to your daily bath and shower regimen. Great for gift giving, too!

Milk Soaps

Milk has been used for thousands of years as a moisturizer and ingredient in cosmetics.
The milk used in these soaps is fresh-whole milk, local and hormone free.

Milk Soap Gift Set

A Wonderful gift idea!

Suns & Moons

Celtic Knots

Sea Shells

Dove of Peace

Four Classic design milk soaps
Attractively boxed
6 ounces $8.95

Available in the following fragrances:
Honey & Cream, French Vanilla, Citrus Sunrise, Lemon Grass, and Lavendar

Olive Oil Soaps
Olive oil has been a major ingredient in soaps for thousands of years.
Smooth and gentle on the skin, pure, with just the right touch of fragrance,
these soaps are moisturizing and refreshing.

Olive Oil Soap Bars
Rectangular shape, "hand cut" and individually wrapped bars.
A generous 4.5 - 5.5 ounces. $3.95

Available in the following fragrances:
Almond Oatmeal - Bug Bee Gone - Chamomile Lemon - Cinnamon - Citrus Sunrise - Classic Lavender - Complexion Oatmeal - Cranberry Spice
French Vanilla - Gardners Creation - Hard Working Hands - Honeysuckle - Lavender Rosemary - Lavender Vanilla Oatmeal - Orange Spice - Patchouli
Peat and Rain - Peppermint - Potpourri - Rejuvinating - Rosemary Mint - Rosemary Thyme - Scent Free - Tea Rose - Tee Tree Dermal

To a Description of the Fragrances


Direct from India

Beauty Blossom
An Olve Oil Soap with an attractive scent.
75 GMS $1.75
Creamy Musk
A Palm Oil & Glycerin Soap with a refreshing and calming scent.
75 GMS
This Palm & Coconut Oil based soap is antiseptic and moisturizig. One of the most popular natural cleansing soaps. 75 GMS $1.75
Lemon Lime
Lemon juice and palm and cocanut oils make this soap antiseptic and mildly astringent with good skin toning qualities. 75 GMS $1.75
Fresh Rose
Rose petals and palm oil make this soap special. This soap imparts a cool and calming experience and acts as a skin toner.
75 GMS $1.75
Cocanut and natural oils with fresh herbal infusions make this soap a "Coctail For The Bath".
75 GMS $1.75

Mysore Sandal
Made totally from vegetable oils, all pure and natural moisturizing soap. 150 GMS $4.25
Mysore Sandal
Made totally from vegetable oils along with skin conditioners, for a pure and natural moisturizing soap.
75 GMS $2.75
Satya Saibaba Beauty
Palm and cocanut oils wth rice bran and that wonderful pure Nag Champa scent . This soap is a natural deodorant soap with good lathering and moisturing qualities.
150 GMS $4.80
Super Hit
Palm and olive oil with glycerin. This is a cleansing soap with that unmistakable scant of "Super Hit".
75 GMS $2.25
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Stoneware Soap Tiles

    Full Knotwork
    Failte "welcome"   (not shown)

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Colors Available


4 inches Diameter
$6.95 each

Description of Fragrances
used in our soaps

Almond Oatmeal
The nutty sweetness of almonds and the cleansing, soothing properties of oatmeal.
Balsa Fir
Manly, woodsy and and so wonderful for the scenses.
Bug Bee Gone
A great soap to keep those pesky bugs at bay. Contains citronella and eucalyptus.
The spicy, dark fragrance of India.
Gently warms the skin while imparting its stimulating aroma.
Citrus Sunrise
A bright and tangy scent made by blending orange and grapefruit essential oils.
Chamomile Lemon
A soap with exfoliating properties
Complexion Oatmeal
Oatmeal has long been known to sooth and moisturize. Oat grains add a natural scent and texture.
Cranberry Spice
The spicy, warm scent of cinnamon and the festive scent of cranberry.
Cucumber Melon
Refreshing and cooling on the skin.
Impossibly fragrant.
Gardners Creation
Cornmeal with lemongrass and cedar make for a soap that is essential for removing dirt from hands leaving them refreshed and clean.
Spicey with a hint of citrus.
Hard Working Hands
An abrasive soap formulated for mechanics.
The uplifting scent of summer.
Sweet and leaves the skin soft and smooth.
Soothing and calming to the scenses.
Lavender Rosemary
Lavenders classic scent with the stimulating fragrance of rosemary
Lavendar Vanilla Oatmeal
The calming effects of lavender and vanilla plus the skin soothing properties of oatmeal.
Orange Spice
Spicy mix of cinnamon and cloves with the tangy fresh scent of orange.
Earthy and unique.
Peat and Rain
A rain fragrance oil added to the earthy scent of peat.
Awakens and refreshes.
Flowry and spicy, just that right mix.
A special blend of lavender, grapefruit and vanilla helps calm the nerves and ease body pain while leaving you feeling refreshed.
Faintly sweet and earthy.
A fresh and stimulating fragrance.
Rosemary Mint
Rosemary has been said to relieve muscle aches and pains, plus the cool refreshing scent of peppermint.
A spiritual, spicy fragrance.
Tea Rose
Flowery and invigorating to the scenses
Tea Tree
Tea tree has strong medicinal properties and sooths skin aliments such as rosacea, acne and psoriasis.
Sweet vanilla fragrance oil produces a rich and silky bathing soap with a rich chocolate color that is naturally oxidized.
Vanilla Hazelnut
The sweet scent of vanilla with the stimulation of hazelnut.
Ylang Ylang
Peaceful and calming.

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