Tartan Name Slates

Yes,these are authentic roof slates. They are very old (c1830's). Approximately 9 inches wide and 14 inches long, they come complete with a leather thong ready for hanging. The name of the tartan appears on the back and they are signed and dated. The following slates are just examples of some we have already done. Siu'saidh (Scots Gaelic for Susan) paints them in any tartan (tartans) you choose and your name or saying goes on top. spacespace

Welcome slate in the
tartan of MacLeod of Lewis


On the left is an example of the Royal Stuart Tartan with the lettering in script.

On the right is the Murray of Athol Tartan with the lettering in Old English.

The slate on the left is in the Angus District Tartan. The overlay is a line image of a piper.

This slate on the right is in the tartan of Germany, also known as the Coburg tartan. The line drawing is of our neighbors home just recently opened as a B & B and restuarant. (He's German).

Wedding Slate

He's a Stuart and she's a MacKenzie

Anniversary Slate

Lettering done in silver for 25th and gold for 50th.

The slate on the left is in the MacGregor Tartan. The name is in Script

This slate on the right is in the Campbell Tartan which is the Blackwatch pattern.

We also make Clan Slates.
The clan tartan or tartans are painted onto the slate
with the clan name as an overlay.

Slates are $68.00 each

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