Banks in tartan.

After many customer requests for that "perfect" baby shower gift, we got to thinking. After thinking for a long time, we came to the conclusion that the most universal gift for a babies shower is the pig bank. But, how could you possibly improve on a pig bank? Well, it didn't take too long for someone to come up with the idea of tartan, and so we have piggy banks in the tartan of your choice.

Piggy comes in two sizes and the tartan of your choice:
Large pig is 4 inches tall and 6 inches long
Small pig is 3 inches tall and 6 inches long

Large pig $27.00
Small pig $18.00

BUT, then again, some of us are more partial to BEAR
so, here's a pair with tartans on their ears and footpads:

Bear actually comes in three poses......

Taking a nap... bless you
9 1/2 inches long

Sitting with a pacifier
8 1/2 inches tall

Sitting and Yawning
. . . . . (too tired to pose)
8 1/2 inches tall

$30.00 each

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