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The Legend of the Tiny Teapot

Initally a tiny teapot was given to the handmaids and ladies in the royal court of Mary, Queen of Scots. It was secured by a safety pin and worn on the collar.
In England during the 1800's British ladies used the teapot charm to adorn their charm bracelets.
During the time of the American Civil War, these tiny teapots were again worn on the collars of women and maids waiting for their men to come home from the war. Today, as in those bygone times, the tiny teapot denotes the timeless message of friendship and hope
A copy of this card is included with each of our ordered teapots

Our six styles of tiny teapots are cast in sterling silver and gold plated sterling. The mid section is composed of beads of crystal, ceramic or glass. They are available as charms, chained as a necklace and as earrings and in bracelets.
Examples of Czeck lamp glass smooth and raised beads.

Examples of Japanese decal beads

Examples of Swarovski crystal beads

Some fine examples of the
beads we have to offer...
gold plated sterling bead

Chinese porcelain bead

Swarovski pearl bead

Sterling silver bead
    Tiny teapot charms:
Small Sterling Silver
Large Sterling Silver
Full Pot(XLARGE)Sterling Silver
Small Gold Plated Sterling

Tiny Teapots are available as necklaces
with an 18 inch chain:

Small Sterling Silver Teapot with chain
Large Sterling Silver Teapot with chain
Full Pot(XLARGE)Sterling Silver Teapot with chain
Small Gold Plated Sterling Teapot with chain
Large Gold Plated Sterling Teapot with chain

More "Tea Time" Charms

Tea Service charm
JCHRMTP10 $13.50



Small lidded Teapot charm
JCHRMTP08 $8.00
Large lidded Teapot charm
JCHRMTP09 $18.00


"Tea Time" Teapot charm
JCHRMTP06 $12.00
"I Love Tea" Teapot charm
JCHRMTP07 $12.00

The irrestible
Tea Kettle charm
JCHRMTP12 $12.00


Keepsakes for a


Sterling Silver tea cup
saucer and spoon
JCHRMTP11 $9.00

As Earrings:

All of our Tiny Teapots can be set as earrings

Sterling Silver Posts
JERTPS02   $35.00
French Wire
JERTPS01   $35.00
GP French Wire
JERTPG01   $40.00

A timeless Tradition

Teapot Bracelets:

Swarovski pearl teapot bracelet
JBASSTP01 $35.00                             JBASSTP02 Childs $18.00

Sterling Silver link teapot bacelet with spoon toggle, no charm JBASSTP03 $28.00
Above Bracelet (as pictured) with "Tea Time" or "I love Tea charm" JBASSTP05 $38.00
Any of our Teapot charms pictured above, would be a stunning addition to this beautiful charm bracelet.

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