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The name leprechaun comes from the Irish "Leith bhroyan" or "Leith phroyan" meaning " one shoemaker", as he is usually seen working on only one shoe.
He is erroneously called the "fairy shoemaker" but he is really an elf and not a fairy.
The elf family consists of not only the Brownies of Scotland and the Leprechans of Ireland, but the Trolls and Gnomes of Scandinavia, and the Pixies, Pookas, Knockers, Dulachans, Cluricanes, Red Caps and Bogles of the British Isles.
Truly, the Leprechaun is a shoemaker, for he has made shoes for the fairies non-stop for centuries. He is also very rich and he covets his wealth.
He is of a much smaller stature, he is uglier, older, and of a more tempermental nature than his fairy counterparts. And, he is almost always a male of the species.

Siúsaidh says she would not be surprised if he didn't don " a bit o' plaide", if the spirit moved him!

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