Three Irish Santas

Irish Santas

The Irish Santas' pictured here are in the traditional green. This does not say that you cannot have them finished in the Irish Tartan of your choice. Of course you can! Santa on the left is perched aboard a beautiful Irish hunter. His vest and the saddle blanket on the horse can be finished in any number of Irish tartans. The Santa in the middle is holding a bird and leaning on the traditional irish blackthorne cane. His gown can be finished in tartan if you desire. The two piece Santa on the right (the sheep comes as a separate piece) can be finished in the green of the Emerald Isle or in tartan also.

These Santa's can be done in any of the Irish tartans. As of November 1996 the tartans that are considered Irish are: Tara, Ulster, St.Patrick's, Clodough, Brooke, Dowling, O'Farrell, O'Keefe, Fitzpatrick, Forde, Irish Kennedy, Kiernan, MacSheely, Finnegan, O'Neil, O'Neil, Oriel(South Ulster) and Bryant. The Irish fashion tartans are: Sligo, Waterford, Galway, Cork, Laois, Wexford, Rosscommon, Connacht II, O'Connor, Erie I, Erin, Iona, Irish National, Donegal, Claire, Tipperary and Dublin.

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