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A Tradition
To Make a Difference

Friendship Hearts - Friendship Balls
by Alda

It is told of an old tradition through which you may tell someone that they are very special to you.
The Friendship Ball or Friendship Heart will contain a favor which is passed from one
to a special friend or a very dear relative.

As you receive your choice from the Plaide Palette, it will contain a body puff sponge, a special bar of almond soap,
and, most importantly, a careful reminder for a breast self examination.

If you are the reciprient, you may return it with your special gift enclosed.

It is our fervent wish that the 2,000th millenium will bring to our world the real gifts
of love, forgiveness, peace and joy.

Is this not what true friendship is about!

The Friendship Ball is priced at $13.95             The Friendship Heart is priced at $16.95


$1.00 of each Friendship Ball, or Heart, sale will be donated for breast cancer research and awareness.

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