Druids were the ancient order of Celtic high priests within the bhairdic (bardic) system. The bhairdic system consisted of men and women of great traditional learning in the laws, poetry, religious rites, genealogy and oral tradition of our early Celtic ancestors. Contrary to popular opinion, many of the bhairdic classes did not wear white garments, it appears that many of the garments were colored, plaide or checkered. The color of garment depended upon the season of the year, the ceremony being performed and to which class of learned individual you belonged. Because of the Celts great love of poetry and their oral tradition, the Druids tended to speak only in rhymes.

All available in the tartan of your choice.


Pictured here in the Angus tartan, new colors.

10 inches tall. $65.00

Master Druid

Pictured here in an old "rock and reel" tartan pattern.

11 1/4 inches tall. $70.00

Fall Druid

Pictured here in an adaption of an old "rock and reel" pattern, with emphasized color.

11 1/4 inches tall. $65.00

Summer Druid

Pictured here in an old "rock and reel" pattern.

10 inches tall. $65.00

Winter Druid

Pictured here in one of the five Buchanan tartans, the old Logan pattern, new colors.

10 inches tall. $65.00

Spring Druid

Pictured here in an adaption of an unnamed lady's cloak tartan pattern.

10 inches tall. $65.00

Druid Santa

Pictured here in the Weir tartan, old colors.

14 1/2 inches tall. $75.00

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