an incredible selection!

Made in Ireland of linen and cotton blends.......
linen for durability and cotton for absorption and softness.
The aprons below are vinyl coated to resist stains and for ease of cleaning.

For the bar, golf club or your favorite piper. Great gifts for your Irish aunt or uncle or that Welsh cousin. Also great for cookouts.

We have aprons for many needs . . . .

All right - so what's a little smoke??

It's still a beautiful day for a barbeque.

Remember to wear your "Kilt" apron

Price: $29.00 each

What. You don't have a Kilt??

Oh well. You'll just have to wear your "Daffy-Bees" apron

OH- NO - -

You are going for that "Breath-of-Spring" apron with the pups on it - -

AH - The "Blackwatch Tartan" apron

OK Loretta - I'll wear the " Baa Baa" apron

Great gift priced at $15.00 each

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