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Quarantine part 1.
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Check out the AHAny website (the Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism Association, Providing Support and Information from Montauk to Manhattan.)
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Some poetry (other peoples', in translations partially mine, partially other peoples'. I haven't tried writing poetry in ages. For my own creative work, look elsewhere, mostly under music...)

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LilyPond Music Typesetting (Free Software).
OASIS, basically the resource on Asperger's Syndrome (and hence very important to me.)
Read about the list Quarantine was originally intended for, Superguy!
An Etymology page.
Learn about ICQ. (My # is 7279016.)
FloppyMoose, Ad Blocking for Mozilla, Safari and other Mac browsers. Very effective. Thanks to Lori for suggesting this.
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The EJ Moeran page (for the music of a favorite composer of mine. Soon will add a links page and move this there...)

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