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RPA awarded NAVAIR SBIR contract.

RPA delivers first article acoustic data processing platforms and recorders to BAE Systems.

RPA delivers full color CID cameras to Equinox Corp.

RPA wins follow on sono-buoy work with BAE Systems.

RPA teams with Sparton Technologies to develop and demonstrate Safe Harbor concepts.

RPA wins SBIR subcontract to develop an ultra-low power image fusion engine for Equinox Corp.

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Welcome to RPA Electronic Solutions, your partner for real-time signal processing solutions.

RPA specializes in providing systems that have to perform critical functions, all the time, every time. We have the expertise necessary to develop hardware and software to solve your most demanding problems. Our clients have hired us to create solutions in markets such as :
 • Visual Simulation
 • Sensor Simulation ( IR, RADAR, SONAR )
 • Video Camera Systems ( Visual and Infrared )
 • Image Processing Systems
 • Acoustic Signal Processing / Recording
 • General Purpose DSP

Our products and services cover the range of individual subsystems, to complete turnkey systems.

We offer a line of board level products designed with standard interfaces, programmable logic, and high volume user I/O to achieve maximum flexibility of application to complex I/O, data flow, and signal processing problems. Leveraging these products saves time in development by providing a COTS hardware / software platform to build upon. Check out our board level products for more information.

RPA is a long time member of the Altera Consultants Alliance Program. For more information, click here.

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