This page gives you an introduction to HTML forms. It contains a sample form which you can fill out and submit to the server.

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Max Parke

Not all Web browsers provide for forms. If yours doesn't, you're out of luck here. However almost all present day graphical browsers including Netscape 2.02 and Microsoft Explorer do provide for forms, so most of your customers should be able to access them without problem.

Forms are used whenever you need to obtain input from the user. As many forms as you need can be placed on a single Web page. There are two major features used in HTML forms:


If you wish to see how this form is executed in html pull down on VIEW DOCUMENT SOURCE to view this page.

Please fill in the information below, and then click Submit when done. Since this is just a sample form, the information you enter will not actually be sent to anyone, but it will show you the data you entered afterwards.

NOTE: Item 3 is defined as a password entry, meaning that your input will not be echoed.

NOTE: For demonstration purposes only, the mail generated by this form will be mailed to the address you specify in the e-mail entry below. Normally the mail should go to the writer of the form and the entry put in the e-mail box below is the sender of the form who might want a response at a later time.

Phone Number:   

     NOTE: If you submit the form, you may receive a warning message
from your browser about "transmitting insecure information".  This
message alerts you that your transmission could be intercepted by a
third party while enroute to the server.

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