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Need help with writing?

Perhaps it's a job application, a term paper, a Ph.D. thesis, or a memoir. You know what you want to say, but not exactly how to say it. Or you've said it well, but want to say it even better.

Writing with clarity and grace

Writing is not easy, but the craft of writing can be learned. Whether you're a student, businessperson, amateur, or professional, I can help you become a better writer.

Here's how I work

You give me a written draft of any length. I carefully edit it for grammar and punctuation, while also offering suggestions about clarity, organization, and content. Then we sit down and go over the work together, in person or by phone. I treat you gently, but practice tough love on the writing itself. Together we tailor the editing process to fit your needs.

My qualifications

A few testimonials

When I first brought my manuscript to Richard, I thought he'd be correcting spelling and grammatical errors and spotting logical inconsistencies (dates, names, times, etc.). All of which he did. But his real gift was to attune to the work's inner song. He not only let me know when my writing was out of tune or in the wrong key or a riff was misplaced, he heard what was unwritten and helped me write it. My manuscript is now with an agent and doing the rounds with New York publishers, thanks in no small part to Richard's 'ear.'

     —Willow Harth, author of My Summer with Elvis: Spiritual Teachings from the King

Richard is an excellent editor. I trust him to be honest and kind, and to help me say exactly what I want to say.

     —Stuart Stotts, author of Books in a Box: Lutie Stearns and the Traveling Libraries of Wisconsin and other books

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