Marian Blum, L.Ac., DNBAO: licensed acupuncturist and herbalist

Restore and support
your optimal well being
with safe and natural
Traditional Chinese Medicine

My Approach

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) addresses essential aspects of health that are typically ignored by modern medicine. Seeing people as interwoven in the fabric of nature, TCM offers organic metaphors and methods to promote healing. TCM can both alleviate symptoms and remedy the root causes of illness. And in TCM, you're treated as an individual, not as a disease.

I trust TCM's time-tested methods and intrinsically holistic approach so I've made it the foundation of my practice. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are the principle treatments I offer. I also apply my expertise in other healing arts to bring about your fullest and most expedient healing.

The word "integral" in "Integral Acupuncture" emphasizes the multi-dimensionality of my perspective. Health is the outcome of many factors, including: nutritional, emotional, environmental, biomechanical, social, spiritual, genetic... The key to healing lies in identifying the factors most relevant to your condition and adjusting them appropriately. TCM provides effective tools for this. And if my tools aren't sufficient, I help you find those that are.

I work with you to respectfully and creatively remove the obstacles on your healing path. You have an amazing innate healing capacity—I can help you unleash it.