World League Tournament Rules

Tournament Setup:

-Teams are made up of 3 players.
-1st phase consists of a round robin set up, where each player on each team plays 3 games against 3 different opponents.
-Subsequent phases are single elimination by team.

In the first phase, teams will score points as follows:

-4 Points for a Win

-2 Points for a Loss

-1 Point for a arranged null game/unfinished game

-0 Points for a No Show

If you resign a game for whatever reason, you get 2 point for a loss and your opponent gets 4 points for a win. 0 points for a no show are only given to players who vanish.

At the end of the round robin phase, the top 2 teams in each pool based on points scored will advance to a single elimination tree. In the case of ties by points, the tie will be broken by head to head record (i.e. the team that won 2 or 3 of the 3 possible matches wins the tie breaker).

After the 1st phase is complete, teams will be matched up according to the following tree:

-1st Place Team vs 4th Place Team
-2nd Place Team vs 3rd Place Team

Then the winner of each match will advance to a final round. The winning team of the tournament will be the team that wins the final match.

-Players will play one game each against a randomly selected player from the opposing team.
-The team that wins two of three games in each match advances. If a given team wins two games in a row, the third game does not need to be played.

Getting your games played:

-It is the responsibility of the players to contact each other and arrange for a mutually agreeable game time.  For the 1st phase, the players will have 8 weeks to play all their games.

-If you have difficulties in scheduling your games, contact the tournament coordinator as soon as possible.  Due to the nature of the first round, I cannot impose a strict time table for the completion of each individual match.  You have 8 weeks to complete all 3 games.  Once I am involved, the delinquent player will have one chance to play the game.  Failing this, that player will be assigned a no-show and score 0 points for that game.  The player making the effort to schedule the match (documented via copies of e-mails) will be awarded the win.

-Games in phases other than the round robin phase will have 3 weeks to be completed.  Similar to the RAT and Masters tournaments, there will be a Scheduling deadline at the 2-week mark, and a Game Played deadline at the 3-week mark.  If you have difficulties in scheduling your game, contact the tournament coordinator as soon as possible.

-For games in rounds other than round 1, YOU MUST CC: THE TOURNAMENT COORDINATOR ON ALL EMAIL COMMUNICATIONS.  If you do not cc: the tournament coordinator on an email, it will be treated as if you never sent it (even if I see that email later as part of a response email).  The tournament coordinator reserves the right to adjudicate at the end of the 3-week Game Played deadline based on emails sent.  If a player has not sent a single email by the 2-week Scheduling deadline, the tournament coordinator reserves the right to summarily rule against that player at the 2-week mark.  As long as there is communication and the 2 players are making a good-faith effort to play the game, the tournament coordinator will allow reasonable extensions for scheduling difficulties and real life issues.

-The loser of a match is required to report the result of the match by sending an e-mail to the tournament coordinator, and copying the winner as well.

-In the case of a player going AWOL, player subsitution will be allowed at the discression of the tournament organizer.


-Anyone listed by ADB Inc. as an official judge may be asked to adjudicate.

-If a judge cannot be reached within a reasonable period of time, then the tournament coordinator will adjudicate.

-No appeals, adjudications are final.