S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y! Night!

1x Nik (1) cel
1x Antoinette DuChamp (1) cel, pre
1x Kanya Akhtar (2) cel
2x Angel (2) cel
1x Itzakh Levine (3) cel, pre
1x Sarah Brando (3) CEL
1x Dre (3) cel
2x Uma Hatch (3) cel, pre
1x Brachah (5) CEL, PRE
1x Rigby (5) CEL, PRE

6x Effective Management
4x Blood Doll
4x Tribute
2x Presence
1x KRCG News Radio
1x Jake Washington (Hunter)

18x Computer Hacking
9x Arms Dealer
8x Saturday Night Special
1x Magnum
1x Starshell Grenade Launcher
8x Fake Out
8x Flash
4x Side Strike
1x Fast Hands
7x Autariks Pursecution
7x Bewitching Oration

It works pretty well, unless it is sitting right next to a constantly untapped intercept deck.

This deck is all about constant, small bleeds, votes to gain pool, and guns to avoid getting killed as opposed to actually hurting anyone. I get a lot of minions with 38's on the table, and bleed for one over and over again (including the Arm's Dealers). If I get blocked, I manuver, shoot for one, and hope they don't have blasters. I can generate a lot of pool and overwhelm any sort of non dangerous defense (i.e. passive blocking, deflect, or Telepathic Counter). My only defense against a fast predator, however, is hope I can generate more pool than they can take away before someone else kills them.