The Nosferatu Hate You! (version 6.0)

So kooky--I won a big tournament (the Northeast National Quallifier tournament at Totalcon in Andovar MA, Feb '02, about 50 people were playing) with my Rush deck. Sure, it took, like, 6 years, but it finally worked. Luckily, I can retire it now, so I won't have to suffer the ignominy of getting shut down by Meddling :-)

The current version of my standard Rush deck that I used this weekend is:

The Nosferatu Hate You! (version 6.0)

2x Hesina Kesi (1) pot
1x Paul DiCarlo, The Alpha (2) pot
1x KoKo (2) pot
2x Duck (3) pot, obf
2x Agatha (4) POT, obf
2x Olivia (5) POT, OBF, Bishop
1x Nigel the Shunned (5) POT, obf
1x Beast, Leatherface of Detroit (7) POT, OBF

Average of 3.5

4x Haven Uncovered
3x Potence
3x Blood Doll
2x Fame
2x Dreams of the Sphinx

12x Immortal Grapple
10x Undead Strength
10x Torn Signpost
4x Fists of Death
4x Disarm
2x Decapitate
8x Behind You
8x Taste of Vitae
11x Bum's Rush
6x Computer Hacking
1x Delaying Tactics

The Delaying Tactics was my total prayer card, put in to hopefully avoid getting Dramatic Upheavaled and having my VP stolen, but I never actually played it this tournament. The Computer Hackings were a fairly recent addition, and they were nothing but good--they sped up my ability to bleed, often doubled as a Rush action, and could always be cycled. I'm thinking about taking out the last two Decapitates for 2 more Hackings. And the Paul DeCarlo? Yeah, sure he is just another 2 cap with pot, but between the hot chick, cool suit, and looking like John Cale, he added nothing but class to my deck.

Observations of interest about my performance in this tournament:

1. The new Table Wins rule actually helps Rush decks immeasurably. To get a table win, you only need 3 VPs, which for a Rush deck, is killing your first prey and then being the last person standing. This is *much* easier for a Rush deck than getting a 4 or 5 VP sweep of some sort. In my three games, I got 2 Table wins (3 VP each in the above fashion) and 1 VP in the other game (killed my prey--actually, my prey and I were ousted simultaneously, as he had 3 pool, I had 1, and I got into a fight with his Famous vampire with my Hesina Kessi, and then he played a Carrion Crows...)

2. I didn't Rush cross table a single time the entire tournament. Every single attack I made was at my Prey, and rarely my Predator. I think I Rushed backwards to my prey a total of 4 times the whole tournament. Mostly I Rushed forward and bled forward. I ousted multiple opponents by Faming their vampire at an opportune moment, although I had to deablerize a vampire of my Predator's that my Grand-Predator had made famous once, so I could play my own Fame on my Prey.

3. I didn't make a single significant deal with anyone during the whole tournament. The only deal I can remember even trying to make was in the round I didn't win, when I went to oust my Prey by Rushing his Famous vampire, my Grand Prey was considering blocking the Rush with Aneke. I attempted to get her to not block me by promising that if she didn't block and let me oust my Prey, I would leave her completely alone until she ousted her current prey. Sadly, she didn't take the deal, which led to the Hesina Kessi fiasco I mentioned above.

4. I ran into almost zero significant combat defense. The reason I liked playing this deck at tournaments is because no one ever seemed to expect it. In this tournament, I was completely correct. I ran into the occasional Dodge, the occasional Manuver, a bit of Fortitude, and actually got shot by the Ivory Bow once, but for the most part, no one seemed to be packing much in the way of Obediance, heavy manuvers, or heavy Fortitude. Thus, I totally demolished folks. I saw a few other combat decks at the tournament, and sat at a game with a Euro-Brujah 2nd Tradition intercept IG/Potence deck, but I never sat directly next to another deck with either significant combat abilities or significant combat defense. The other 4 decks in the finals were almost completely devoid of combat defense other than Dodge or Majesty. My first prey in the first round, a really nice guy named George, said after he had been ousted "And ya know? I took, like, 10 Obediances out of this deck just this morning, 'cause I didn't think I needed them."