VEKN Official Nosferatu Newsletter for October, 1998

This time around, I have an example of a really stupid Nosferatu based deck that, under the appropriate situations, is actually quite effective. It revolves around two of the lamer Nosferatu: Harod, the most sucktastic of the Inner Circle Members and his pal Amadeo, who is also fairly weak, but not overly so.

"Don't hate us because we are beautiful..."

3 Harrod (11) OBF, pre, IC Member
1 Sheldon, Lord of Clog (9) OBF, Justicar
3 Amadeo (8) OBF, pre, Primogen
2 Nikolaus Vermulen (7) obf, Prince
1 Murat (7) OBF, Prince
2 Dimple (2) obf

6 Presence
3 Anarch Revolt
2 Info Highway
2 Secure Haven
2 Elisium
2 Minion Tap
1 Labyrinth

11 Cloak the Gathering
12 Majesty
6 Bewitching Oration
2 Voter Captivation
9 3rd Tradition (Progeny)
8 Bribes
12 Consanguineous Boon
6 various Praxis Seizure
2 Nosferatu Justicar
2 Parity Shift
1 Ancient Influence
1 Political Stranglehold

Clearly, this deck exists to get out some large vampire, start spawning kids, call the Con Boons, get the pool rolling in, and eventually overrun all opposition with swarms of itty bitty vampirelings and Anarch Revolts. It has a great deal of trouble gaining a foot hold early in the game, as it needs to get out a vampire with voting power and a prince to start the spawning, and often gets whacked by a quick bleed predator. If it can survive the early stages of the game, through either Bribed Con Boons or wheeling and dealing, and gets established with a Prince or two and vote superiority, it can produce obscene amounts of pool very quickly and maintain a poweful vote lock on the table.

As noted before, a quick bleed predator (weenie Pre/Dom bleed) will kill it rapidly, and an Immortal Grapple Rush deck will probably end it even before it gets started. However, it has good vote defense (being full of titled vampires) and prodigious Pool gain, so will thrive in a low combat environment (if it isn't whacked in the first 4 turns). The 12 Majesties might be a tad much, but they will do a great deal to survive non IG combat (like the handful of very sucessful Zip Gun/Cel decks that were flying around here for a while) and are pretty easy to cycle with all those Nosferatu kids with Presence. Often vote decks suffer from a complete shutdown at the hands of light intercept, but the good pile of Cloak and the Labyrinth helps this deck avoid that sort of problem (although not against strong dedicated intercept), as well as allowing the kids to sneak bleeds through late in the game.

This deck tends to either get ousted very quickly, or sweep the table and end the game with 60 or 70 Pool, either of which happens with equal regularity.