VEKN Nosferatu Newsletter, Sept 1st 1998

I figured that I'd continue to examine the set of Nosferatu vampires that I started a few months back with a look at the Nosferatu from the first two expansion sets-Dark Soverigns and Ancient Hearts.

The expansion set Nosferatu tend to have weird discipline combinations (like most expansion vampires), and as such tend to be kind of difficult to combine into most standard Nosferatu strategies.

Dalyiah***: With the combination of PRO and obf, Dalyiah doesn't have much place in any standard Nosferatu deck, but she can find a home in multiple other weird deck types. She certainly would be useful in any all Protean deck, and there are various weird Pro/Obf/Dom decks that can be built where she will be appreciated.

Nikolaus Ver Mullen*****: As opposed to the rest of the expansion Nosferatu, Nikolaus is a powerhouse of utility. He has a good standard Nosferatu discipline spread of POT, obf, ani, for combined with a really good special. Add to this that he is a Prince, and you have a vampire that will see a lot of use. Any Nosferatu deck that doesn't mind using a 7 pointer can benefit from his abilites, and he is a no brainer for any Pot/For combat deck.

Amadeo**: As an 8 point Primogen with a weird discipline combination, Amadeo doesn't see much use. Sure, he has POT and OBF, but so does Selma, and she is a Prince with fortitude. His special ability of a built in feeding razor is handy, but certainly not worth including him in the deck just because of it. All he has going for him is his cool picture and oddly placed pre, which might find use in some bizzare stealth vote deck (one of which I'll post next month...). That, and he can hang out with Harrod.

Harrod*: Far and away, the worst of the IC members. His discipline selection is nothing special and his ability is a joke. Sure, Gwendolyn doesn't even have a special, but at least she has noteriety in that she is one of only two vampires who have POT and FOR, and she's cute. In what way is his special useful? By the time I have an IC member out, why will I need to spy on my opponents uncontrolled vampires? Anyone find any clever use for this? Sad.

Regillio-Seeker of Akhnatten***: A fairly generic 3 point vampire that might find use in a Malkavian deck for his obf and aus, or a Nosferatu weenie deck (or any obf weenie deck). He gets points for being a "fill in the basic discipline combinations" vampire (like Razyia and Panagos), but loses some on his lame picture.

Laurent de Valois***: Another pretty generic vampire with a slightly odd but possibly utilitarian combo of disciplines. There is always room for Laurent in any Malkavian S+B deck or a "Nosferatu with Dom" deck, but generally not a real stand out. Another cool picture, though.

Judah**: I always want to use Judah, as he seems like such a cool guy, _and_ he is a 6 point Primogen, but his discipline spread is just too weak. His noteriety as the youngest Nosferatu with POT was rendered moot with the advent of the !Nos, and while he can get some mileage in some Pot/Dom or Pot/Ani deck, there is probably always someone better to replace him with in a crypt. Had he come with obf (as he probably should have, as he is a point overcosted), he would have been fairly useful in a good Nosferatu Pot/Obf Rush deck.

Murat***: He has a somewhat soft discipline spread for a 7, having only POT, OBF, ser, but POT and OBF isn't that bad, especially when 8 point Selma has the same superiors. If you need a Prince with POT and/or OBF however, Murat is the way to go. His special is fairly useless, and it seems unlikely that anyone will ever get much use out of his serpentis. I keep toying with the idea of throwing him in my Pot/Pbf Rush deck (both a superior and a Prince for diablere defense), but the fact that he is a 7 makes him a bit too expensive.