Official VEKN Nosferatu Newsletter, August 1st 1998

This month I am (re) posting my favorite Nosferatu Rush combat deck, and examining it in light of the recent errata.

This is a pure and unadulterated Rush deck that lives and dies by its ability to kill. Its bleed defense is preemptive killing, its vote defense is preemptive killing, and its combat defense is its steely tenacity overpowering violence. It is a perfectly viable tournament contender, having done very well in the tournies where I have played it (it got into the finals at Origins, having swept one table). I built it to take advantage of the Meta Game on a National level, namely that no one gives Rush decks any respect, as "they can't win tournaments", and as such neither fear nor prepare for them.

"The Nosferatu Hate You!"

2 Hasina Kesi (1) pot
1 KoKo (2) pot
2 Duck (3) pot, obf
1 Agripina (4) pot, OBF
1 Sammy (4) pot, obf
2 Agatha (4) POT, obf
2 Olivia (5) POT, OBF, Bishop
1 Nigel (5) POT, obf

Average of 3.41

2 Storm Sewers
1 Elder Library
1 Dreams of the Sphinx
3 Potence
3 Blood Doll
4 Haven Uncovered

12 Bum's Rush
12 Immortal Grapple
10 Undead Strength
10 Torn Signpost
4 Fists of Death
4 Decapitate
4 Disarm
8 Behind You
8 Taste of Vitae
4 Rampage

I realize that this deck has an inordinate number of Rares in it (29?!?!), but Immortal Grapple is uncommon in Sabbat and Behind You is one of the extra sucky Rares. Besides, the Nosferatu can use all the help they can get.

Anyway, "The Nosferatu Hate You!" starts out quickly, often getting out Hasina or KoKo out on the first turn and mangling any vampire needed on the second. It can usually operate with 4 minions, often for less than 14 pool, meaning it has a lot of cushion to soak up bleeds. Between the Bum's Rushes, Behind You, and Storm Sewers, there are easily enough maneuvers to deal with any half hearted maneuver based defense (Zip Guns or light combat), but will have trouble against a determined Brujah Flash deck. Luckily, however, the chances of running into one of these at a tournament are pretty slim. The Rampages exist completely to destroy The Elisium (and pre 7/7, Tombs) but often serve as back up Rush ability.

The recent errata had a minor, but not particularly deleterious effect on this deck. As Immortal Grapple now only works for one round, it is important to have POT so you are pretty much assured to torporize on the first round. This required me to increase the number of Potence masters (up to 3) as well as play with Fists of Death, which were not really needed before the errata (originally this deck relied more on pressing, so regular pot and 3-5 point strikes were usually sufficient). 12 Immortal Grapples, however, means that even if you fail to kill someone on the first round, you often can press and play a second if need be. The biggest problem caused by the 7/7 errata was the fixing of Pulled Fangs. In this deck, which originally packed 4, every time I played Pulled Fangs, I burned a vampire. This was amazingly handy, but _way_ overpowered. With the new errata (PF no longer does Aggro damage) they can't burn vampires, so I replaced them with Decapitate which may or may not work out well.