Official VEKN Nosferatu Newsletter for February, 2006

Continuing the look at Legacies of Blood, this newsletter focuses on new vampires that, while not actually Nosferatu, share disciplines and can match up well in Nosferatu based decks. The obvious place to start are the Guruhi, as they share Potence and Animalism with the Nosferatu, and while in theory, any Guruhi could probably mix in with a Nosferatu based Pot/Ani strategy, I'm going to look mostly at the Guruhi who match well with specific Nosferatu vampires.

-Aren, Priest of Eshu (7) POT, PRE, obf, ani. +1 stealth on Political actions. Any vampire voting against Aren burns a blood. G4.

Aren is a fantastic addition to the new wave of Nosferatu political decks than rely on Nosferatu with Presence, such as Ellison, Sundown, and Tock, all of whom have Potence, Obfuscate, and Presence--heck, with 2 of each, that is most of a crypt right there! With POT and PRE, like Ellison, he (is Aren a he?) can play both levels of Iron Glare from the get go, and his +1 stealth on political actions will tend to make up for his inferior Obfuscate in such decks. His blood burning special ability isn't huge, but certainly will help avoid opportunistic vote opposition designed to reduce the payoff from a Voter Captivation, and might just dissuade cross table opposition on benign votes.

-Nangila Were (9) POT, PRE, ANI, obf, ser. May enter combat with opposing minions. +1 hand size while ready. G4.

With superior Potence and Animalism backed up by inferior Obfuscate, Nangila fits in many different types of Nosferatu combat strategies, especially with the built in rush. The inferior Serpentis might enable an interesting sideline (a handful of Temptations, maybe?) in a deck with Tarbaby Jack. Yeah, Nangila is huge, and would require some sort of infrastructure designed to support such a huge vampire, but it isn't impossible to envision such a deck.

-Fish (5) POT, ANI, pre. G4.

An obvious inclusion in a Potence/Animalism based combat deck--envision something with Torn Signpost/Drawing out the Beast/Carrion Crows/Song of Serenity ("Take my love, take my land...")/Immortal Grapple/Undead Strength/Taste of Vitae--that the Nosferatu excel at. His inferior Presence matches him perfectly, again, with Sundown, and building a crypt with 3 of each Sundown and Fish makes it reasonable to include a handful of Legal Manipulations for maximum bleed potential or maybe a splash of a political angle.

In the non Guruhi vampire department, there are other viable Nosferatu friends:

-Tatu Sawosa (8) POT, OBF, AUS, cel, ani. +1 strength. G4.

Tatu doesn't make for a really good Osebo due to her lack of superior Celerity, but she makes a great Nosferatu, especially as her superior Auspex brings some much needed bleed bounce to the party. Team up Tatu with Khalid (who also has superior Auspex), and you have significant combat potential and either strong bleeding from Pulse of the Canaille or strong intercept fightiness. Tatu and Khalid are both kind of big, but the ability to fall back on the strong bleed defense that comes from Rat's Warning and Telepathic Misdirection means that you won't get bled out real fast.

-Tangine (7) THN, OBF, pot, nec. Can only dodge/S:CE vs Salubri. Can inflict 1 damage on any non Salubri minion as a (D) action. G4.

Tangine continues to help the Samedi blend in well with the Nosferatu. A reasonable size for a sideline vampire, her inferior Potence (which is unusual for a Samedi) gives her good options in a Samedi/Nosferatu combat deck. She can play Immortal Grapple (a Nosferatu staple) and still play Compression at the outferior if needed, or make for a brutal Hidden Lurker in such a deck (punishing folks for blocking a Bum's Rush, say) with a Withering followed by a superior Compression for some burnination. A primarily Nosferatu Potence fighting deck could certainly get some giggles out of Tangine as a sideline support vampire with the appropriate cards mixed in.

-Al Muntaquim, The Avenger (8) TEM, POT, FOR, pre, obf. Can burn a Caitiff for +1 bleed for the rest of the game. Untaps when you play a Gehenna card.

Al Muntaquim fits in with the many new Nosferatu with Potence and Fortitude, like Gerrard Raffin, Wolfgang, and Cock Robin. A standard POT/obf combat angle can certainly benefit from some fortitude for damage prevention and some Freak Drives, and Al allows you to mix in a handful of Domain of Evernight for light stealth and extra untap for your True Brujah buddy. Al also makes the inclusion of a couple Events, like Dragonbound that much more appealing.

So there we have a look at a few new vampires from Legacies of Blood that can help out some old solid or new and crazy Nosferatu decks. There are certainly other, more mundane vampires with a couple Nosferatu disciplines here and there, like Misrak (2 with pot) and Urenna Bunu (4 with pot, ani), but hopefully the six examined above will give people ides for some crazy new decks. They certainly gave me some, which will likely show up in future newsletters.