Official VEKN Nosferatu Newsletter for July 1, 1998

KoKo scurried through the sewers as fast as he could. He knew who his target was, where he had to be, and what to do when he got there. What was most important was to not be late, and after taking that wrong turn earlier, he had to hurry now.

Up on the street side, a limo pulled up in front of the night club right on schedule. Out stepped an immaculately dressed fellow in a natty suit and a couple of bodyguards. The two fearsome men turned their heads, searching the streets for for any signs of trouble. After determining that everything looked safe, they turned back only to discover their charge was gone, with nothing to explain his absence but the scraping sound of a sewer grating followed a gruesome crunching noise.



Like all clans, the Nosferatu have a good selection of clan specific cards, some fairly useful, some not.

Slum Hunting Ground-Some folks swear by Hunting Grounds, and automatically put them in every deck they build. While certainly useful, I generally consider carefully before putting in HGs, as they are fairly expensive and have a protracted advantage. In any deck that has other ways to gain blood (Taste of Vitae, Restoration), I will usually leave them out.

The Labyrinth-Very handy as it is cheap, permanent stealth. I often consider throwing this in decks that generally have no use for stealth (like Rush or Intercept decks), as the incredibly cheap and available +1 stealth this provides can always be useful for getting through an important Bum's Rush or foiling the use of KRCG.

Storm Sewers-Very useful in Nosferatu Immortal Grapple based Rush decks. Bum's Rush someone and tap the Storm Sewers on the way in. If they block you, you are automatically at close range for playing IG, and if they don't block you, you get the manuver on the Bum's rush. Also a must in Bruise Bleed decks.

The Spawning Pool-A real limited use card, but very effective when you pull it off. Put it in a Nosferatu Ani based Intercept deck, use the pressess from Aid from Bats and Rat's Warning to get to the second round, then set forth the mutant crocodiles that you have been nurturing.

Secret Library of Alexandria-One of the best hand cycling cards out there. Handy in any Nosferatu deck that has stealth in it.

Nosferatu Hosting-Why is this card useful? Who knows! Heck, team it up with the extra sucky Harrod and Tiberius, and you can know all sorts of stuff about your enemies that can't really help you. There may be some useful combo with this and whatever that Sabbat Obf card that lets you do stuff to uncontrolled vampires, but not that I ever noticed. Very lame (good picture, though).

Patagia, Flaps Allowing Limited Flight-Not real good, as in most cases you are better off using IR Goggles, which don't cost anything. I suspect that it was envisioned that equipment destruction/theft would be far more widespread than it actually is, and thus the one blood cost was justified, but in reality this didn't work out. If it didn't gost blood, it would be passable.

Kindred Intelligence-Possibly useful in some sort of weenie horde deck that has a lot of small Nosferatu in it. Generally, you are better off with Effective Management.

Nosferatu Performance Art-I love this card, as it reminds me of being in Art school, but I am generally opposed to clan specific hosers on principal. As Clan Hosers go, however, this one is pretty good strong. Combine it with Sacrificial Lamb and go to town on Anson.

Destructive Secrets-Might have been good if it didn't cost one blood. You are probably just better off using more Obf, however.