Official VEKN Nosferatu Newsletter for March, 2005

So back in Newsletter 33, I examined the Camarilla edition Nosferatu starter. Yeah, not a real spectacular starter by any stretch of the imagination, but between the Disputed Territory, Arson, and Bomb included in the deck, we finally got the important evidence to support a long standing theory of mine--that the Nosferatu HATE LOCATIONS!!!!

Following this very solid, completely non questionable line of thought, and wanting to build a new deck that focuses on a crazy new card, as well as needing something to fill up another newsletter, I present to you, the noble reader, this fantastic new Nosferatu based deck:

"The Nosferatu HATE LOCATIONS!"

2x Kendrick (7) ANI, obf, Priscus
1x Teresita, The Godmother (7) ANI, OBF
1x Jara Drory (7) ANI, OBF, Primogen
2x Chrstianus Lionel (6) ANI, OBF, +1 hand size
2x Ox, Viceroy of the Hollows (6) ANI, OBF
1x Calebros, The Martyr (5) ANI, obf, Prince
1x Shannon Price, The Whisperer (3) ani, obf
1x Clarissa Steinburgen (3) ani, obf
1x Panagos Levidis (3) ani, obf

Avg 5.5

6x Blood Doll
4x Insurance Scam
2x The Parthenon
2x Information Network
1x Channel 10
1x Rumor Mill
1x Communal Haven, Temple
1x Powerbase: Madrid
1x Powerbase: Los Angeles
1x Powerbase: Chicago
1x The Barrens
1x Metro Underground
1x Police Department
1x Secure Haven
1x Steam Tunnels
1x Church of the Order of St. Blaise
1x Storage Annex
1x Filchware's Pawn Shop
1x Centralized Background Check
1x Nosferatu Kingdom
1x Shanty Town Hunting Ground
6x Swallowed by the Night
4x Lost in Crowds
2x Forgotten Labyrinth
8x Animal Magnetism
6x Carrion Crows
6x Aid from Bats
8x Kine Resources Contested
5x Disputed Territory
3x Rumors of Gehenna
1x Crusade: Pittsburgh
1x Crusade: Chicago
1x Crusade: Detroit
1x Changeling Skin Mask
1x Palatial Estate
1x Catacombs
1x Ruins of Villers Abbey
4x Forced Awakening

Kind of a crazy deck with lots and lots of different cards, but the focus is pretty clear--get out lots of locations, use them for whatever use you can get out of them while degrading your prey with KRCs and building a pool base through Blood Dolls and blood gain. When you need to make that last push, and need a cushion of pool to survive, burn down your locations as necessary to survive. Granted, burning your locations with Insurance Scam arguably isn't hugely better than just playing with 31 Ascendances, but while your locations are in play, they give you intercept, pool, votes, and plenty of other wacky abilities that are bound to be useful at some point, and in the end, they'll "accidentally" burn down, leaving you a big pile of pool for that end game lunge.

The crypt is pretty straight forward--maximize ANI, OBF and get some votes in the deck. Jara Drory has a vote and a cool ability; Kendrick is a Priscus and has another cool ability (between the two of them and the Storm Sewers, you have a lot of information available on your prey's hand); Christianus has ANI, OBF and a fantastic ability; Ox has ANI, OBF; Calebros is a small Prince--yeah, he might lose his title which might be a problem, but not that often; the three little weenie are ani, obf triplets. No one is too big to be unwieldy, there is a good discipline spread, and Kendrick is often the only table voter you need to get through most of your political actions.

The master selection is kind of ridiculous--31 cards, most of which are locations. The Blood Dolls provide income. The Insurance Scams are vital, but not immediately, so 4 is probably the right number. 2 Parthenons speeds up the location deployment, and duplication isn't really a problem, as you can always burn the first one to play the second one. The rest of the locations provide varied abilities, all of which are bound to be useful at some point--intercept, extra votes, pool gain/management, untap, card cycling, defense, whatever. Play them all, and burn down whichever don't seem useful at the time.

In terms of the rest of the deck, there is some stealth--not a ton, but enough to get through most votes and the occasional bleed; light combat to cause some damage when intercepting folks or to dissuade Rush actions and to avoid getting punched by no combatant opponents; Animal Magnetism to push votes through; eight KRC for forward momentum; 5 Disputed Territories to, ya know, steal other locations (there are always going to be a few Hunting Grounds at the very least, and sometimes you might score, like, a Ventrue HQ or The Rack or something), Rumors of Gehenna to really get the master cards flowing, and some Crusades so the !Nosferatu slum lords can really represent for the Mid-West. Throw in a few useful (or free) location equipment cards and a Changeling Skin Mask to give Kendrick OBF and act as some last ditch intercept, and you've got a deck.

In practice, the deck works pretty well (certainly better than expected...) with reasonable solid pool gain, good vote offense and reasonable combat defense. It has trouble with a lot of really focused intercept and Rush combat, but can usually make it a game in most situations. There is high entertainment value to having a dozen or more locations in play at a given time, and the large pool cushion you can create in the end game is often decisive.

Next month, I'll look at all the cool new Kindred Most Wanted cards that the Nosferatu get to play with.