Official VEKN Nosferatu Newsletter for June 1, 1998.

The condemend apartment door smashed in like so much balsa wood as Sheldon searched for the freakish Malkavian stooge he was chasing down. Just because Sheldon, self syled Lord of the Clog, was in charge, it didn't mean he didn't like to get his hands dirty every once and a while, and here was a perfect opportunity. He knew that his prey had fled in to here and must be hiding in the shadows somewhere. Sensing the lunatics presence, he subtley maniupulated his foes inner rage until the Malkavian's blood started to boil, at which point the creepy fellow lunged at Sheldon. Grabbing a hold of his opponents throat, the beating began.
"You!" THWACK! "Will!" WHACK! "Quit!" CRACK! "Screwing with my toadies!"
Sheldon tossed the Malkavian aside, who promptly crumbled in a heap upon the floor.

This month, in the light of all the discussion on combat decks, I present a fairly viable Nosferatu Rush deck (revolving around the high capacity Fortitude enabled Nosferatu), that while not extremely competetive, is a very potent killer and definitely on the high end of the combat meta-game power curve.

"Ding-dong. Sheldon calling."

3 Sheldon, lord of Clog (9) POT, ANI, for
1 Mart Lechtansi (9) POT, ani, for
2 Selma, the Repugnant (8) POT, ani, for
3 Chester Dubois (7) POT, ANI, for
2 Nikolaus Vermulen (7) POT, ani, for
1 Uriah Winter (1) pot, for

4 Minion Tap
1 Blood Doll
3 Haven Uncovered
1 Info Highway
1 Golconda
1 Dreams of the Sphinx

10 Bum's Rush
9 Immortal Grapple
10 Torn Signpost
10 Undead Strength
6 Mighty Grapple
2 Fists of Death
4 Disarm
10 Skin of Steel
8 Drawing out the Beast
5 Taste of Vitae
1 Rampage
4 Fifth Tradiiton

90 cards, 11 Masters.

This deck is pure killing power, and is pretty much the ultimate in Potence combat. It will Rush a vampire, play Drawing out the Beast, Immortal Grapple, and pound its foe for a rediculous amount of damage, using Skin of Steel and Taste to prevent all damage in return. If the large hand strikes don't torporize its foe, then the Disarms and/or extra DotB damage probably will. Its strengths are its lack of need for Skill cards, as all the vampires in the crypt have all the appropriate skills (but for Uriah, who is just in there cause I think he is funny) and only superior POT is really needed, almost complete immunity to Obediance, absolute combat dominance, worthwhile voting power, and respectable pool gain with the Minion Taps and Fifth Traditions. Its main weaknesses are that it will generally only have 2 vampires out and it is kind of slow, so any really speedy bleed deck will tend to kill it quickly, as well as that high Fortitude percentage in an opposing deck will cause a great deal of trouble (although there are alot of presses available).

Generally, with, say, Sheldon and Chester in play, you will either Rush and utterly destroy 2 opposing vampires a turn, or use one of your vampires to Fifth Tradition a recently Minion Tapped vampire and the other to kill someone.

This deck is not particularly viable for a Tournament setting, as there will be _way_ too many weenie speed-kill decks around, but will do very well in a high combat meta enviornment,and will give most other combat decks nightmares.