Official VEKN Nosferatu Newsletter for July, 2003

So after my smashing success at Origins with a Camarilla/Bloodlines draft deck made of mostly Samedi (and by smashing success, I mean, well, I won a game...), I was inspired to put together a viable constructed deck out of the Nosferatu's pals, the Samedi. The deck in question fits into the Nosferatu Newsletter by virtue of two things:

A) It has Wolfgang. 2 Wolfgangs. Back when I originally reviewed all the CE Nosferatu, I game Wolfgang something like 3 stars, or 5 as the perfect vampire for some goofy trick deck. As this is that deck, well, Wolfgang rocks the world.

B) If I didn't use this deck for the newsletter, well, I'd have to think of something else.

Anyway, as the Samedi are all gross and zombie like anyway, who is going to notice the difference?

So I put together a mostly Samedi bleed deck, based on having lots and lots of Freak Drives (Freak Drives are really easy to get these days--buy a CE Ventrue starter for 10 bucks, get 2 Freaks, and sell off the Protect Thine Own for 5 bucks. It is almost like profit!), and having, in effect, a pretty good crypt due to Wolfgang, who is, for all intents and purposes, a 4 point Samedi.

"I'm Compressing Your Head!"

2x Wolfgang (4) for, obf, pot
2x Lithrac (5) OBF, for, thn
2x George Fredric (6) FOR, THN, obf
2x Jorge De La Muerte! (7) OBF, THN, for
2x Reg Driscoll (8) OBF, THN, for
2x The Baron (9) FOR, OBF, THN

7x Minion Tap
3x Coroner's Contact
2x Fortitude
2x Dirty Contract
1x Regenerative Blood
1x Vast Wealth

10x Freak Drive
8x Restoration
8x Rapid Healing
8x Force of Will
8x Indomitibility
8x Compression
2x Ashes to Ashes
8x Lost in Crowds
4x Swallowed by the Night
2x Hidden Lurker
2x Bum's Rush
2x Harass
4x Laptop Computer

A pretty straight forward Fortitude based bleed deck, with a few handy angles. Get out a minion (preferably one with FOR), Minion Tap some pool back, have them Restore, Force of Will at stealth, Freak, Rapidly Heal out of torpor. Repeat as necessary. The Compressions give the Samedi some reasonable combat threat--with some light rush capabilities (including Hidden Lurker, just to really punish some Majesty monkey for blocking), Compression can reliably burn vampires late in the game, especially with Indomitability to provide light prevention and presses (to facilitate removing some of your opponent's blood before the Compression for a burn). Indomitability keeps a little extra blood on your vampires, and two Ashes to Ashes give you an unprecedented ability to get your old ladies car out of a bad area--get unfortunately Immortally Grappled by some Brujah bruiser? Play Ashes to Ashes/Fun to Funky, get out of combat free, take no damage, untap, and gain 2 blood! Sure, no you are in torpor, but with the plentiful Rapid Healings and reliable stealth, you are out of torpor quickly, and 3 blood richer than when you started this whole action. Not shabby! Wolfgang is a handily action runner who, while he can't burn anyone with Compression, can certainly punch for 3 in a pinch, which is often all you need.

The Master selection allows you some reasonable pool gain, light rush, and the 3 Coroner's Contact allow you to pretty much always have the right Samedi for the job, and you get a free transfer, to boot! The Vast Wealth makes finding those Laptops much easier, and if you can play it on Reg Driscol, he can set everyone up with a nice, new computer.

The Crypt seems reasonably solid--an average of 6.5, but the Minion Taps certainly help out there. 4 of the vampires in the Crypt have +1 bleed, and another 2 have conditional +1 bleed, so between that, the Laptops, and the Forceds, the this deck can put up quite a bleed assault.

What are the weaknesses of this deck? Well, clearly bounce is going to be bad (unless you Compress the bouncer), as is a really fast bleed predator (well, unless their vampires are easily killed). Immortal Grapple combat could be problematic (as Compression is not a hand strike...), but Ashes to Ashes certainly can help out in such a situation. And votes. This deck has, like, zero intercept and only two votes in the whole deck (4 if Lithrac diablerizes someone!), so it is likely to get shifted all over the table. Basically, this deck is fraught with issues, but in the right circumstances, it might do just fine.