Official VEKN Nosferatu Newsletter for November, 1999

This month's vampire to be examined is one of my favorites, regardless of his sort of complete uselessness, Judah.

Judah (6) POT, ani, dom. Primogen.

It first glance, Juday looks like he should be good. He is a 6, which is small enough to be useful in non pool gain decks; a young Primogen, giving such decks a cheap vote presence (if for nothing else than gaining from Bribes and being able to make friends); he is the youngest Nosferatu with POT, which should have been significant, and for a small window of time (between the release of AH and Sabbat), he had noteriety for his POT. Once Sabbat came out, however, Judah's POT became completely outclassed by the likes of Agatha, Olivia, and Nigel.

Judah's disciplines are kind of weird, and occasionally useful, but for the most part, a tad lack luster. The POT is useful for combat, and the ani as back up allows him to fin in with a Potence/Animalism combat deck, but there are other vampires with a better selection. His Dominate can be useful, as Dominate almost always is, and he can fit in well with any Giovanni or Lasombra decks. Combined with his Animalism, bleed bounce becomes a viable option (using Rat's Warning to untap to deflect).

His biggest problem, however, is that he has fewer abilities for his cost than most other compareable vampires. Generally, a 6 point vampire will have 6 points of skills, where an inferior discipline counts for 1, a superior discipline counts for 2, and a title costs a point (more or less). As such, Judah has 4 points of skills and so he neds up paying 2 points for his Primogen title, which is just too much. If he had a third inferior discipline (like Obfusctae, for instance), he would be perfectly useful in a multitude of decks, but as it stands, he is sort of limited in scope.

Regardless of his usefulness, Judah scores big points for his really cool picture. One of Mark Tedin's best, Judah looks kind of like an evil, dead James Dean. Who wants to mess with Judah? Not me--I mean, man, he has a star branded on his forhead. That's hard core.

In an attempt to make a deck that Justifies the use of Judah, I present the following Bruise/Bleed deck that is a variation on the ever popular "Deck That Only Works When I Get Out Marty Lechtansi" series, but is a tad more vibale, due to the smaller vampires.

"Judah, Judah, Judah. You were always my favorite, Judah."

3x Judah (6) POT, ani, dom, Primogen
1x Anvil (6) POT, dom, Primogen
1x Lisette Vizquelle (6) POT, DOM, Bishop
3x Shane Grimald (4) pot, dom, ani
2x Cameron (3) pot, dom
1x Raziya Samater (3) pot, ani
1x Tommy (3) pot, ani

3x Potence Master
3x Animalism Master
3x Blood Doll
3x Haven Uncovered
1x Fragment of the Book of Nod
1x The Barrens

10x Conditioning
8x Deflection
8x Rat's Warning
8x Drawing Out the Beast
10x Immortal Grapple
8x Torn Signpost
10x Undead Strength
8x Taste of Vitae
6x Bum's Rush

Pretty straight forward--you go and bleed with your vampires. If someone blocks, you beat them up pretty well, and if they don't block, you bleed them for 3 an action (Lisette could bleed for 4, but it probably isn't worth the risk of an Archon Investigation). There is enough Rush (3 Haven and 6 Bum's Rush) to take out any serious bleed predators or vampires who are likely to want to Deflect you. There are enough untaps and Deflections to lend some serious defense against a bleed predator. It'll have trouble against a well combat defended vote deck (having no intercept to speak of and only 5 Primogens in the deck), and is a tad slow when compared to other Rush decks (having the 5 big vampires and all), but might be able to hold its own in the face of some stiff competetiton.