VEKN Official Nosferatu newsletter for April 1, 1998

Just because Ebanezer Roush had little regard for the current state of, or his position in, Camrilla politics, it didn't mean he was completely oblivious to what was going on. Quite to the contrary actually, as he spent a great deal of his very long unlife spying, recording, and collecting tidbits of information and releasing them, usually, for his own amusement. It was he, after all, who was indirectly responsible for the violent overthrow of the last Ventrue prince of the city (who should have known better than to be making covert deals with the Black Hand...), and he who was a store house of enough secrets and skeletons to topple the entirety of local Kindred society. Ebanezer scratched the head of one of his favorite rats, and chuckled, as he puzzled out how to use his most recent bit of scandal best.

Nosferatu Deck Building

Last month I explored the strengths and weaknesses of the Nosferatu as a clan, and this month I have an example of a fairly effective Ani/Obf Nosferatu deck that capitalizes upon their strengths and minimizes their weaknesses.

_Doctor Doomlittle_
2 Ebanezer Roush (8): OBF, ANI
Sebastian Marley (7): ANI, obf
Kendrick (7): ANI, obf
Grendel-The Worm Eaten (5): OBF, ani
2 Nigel the Shunned (5): ANI, obf
Sammy (4): ani, obf
Laurent de Valois (4): ani, obf
Josef (4): ani, obf
Panagos Levidis (3): ani, obf
Dimple (2): obf

3 Minion Tap
2 Blood Doll
2 Animalism
2 Obfuscate
2 Spawning Pool
1 Labyrinth
1 Slum Hunting Ground
1 Elysium
1 Secret Library of Alexandria

10 Aid from Bats
2 Canine Horde
2 Terror Frenzy
2 Army of Rats
10 Cats Guidance
7 Rat's Warning
5 Spying Mission
4 Lost in Crowds
4 Cloak the Gathering
4 Swallowed by the Night
6 Behind You
5 Elder Intervention/Pack Tactics
5 Wake with Evening's Freshness
3 Raven Spy
1 Owl Companion
1 Murder of Crows
1 Mr. Winthrop
1 Laptop
2 Tasha Morgan/J.S. Simmons

Total of 90 cards, 15 Masters (16%), and a crypt average of 5.1.

_Doctor Doomlittle_ is a surprisingly resilient and flexible deck, with enough untap/intercept to hinder even the most dedicated Stealth and Bleed deck, enough bleed to consistently (if a bit slowly) take out your prey, and enough combat to survive intercepting opponents. The Aid from Bats (usually a pretty laughable card) is a very important card in this deck, as by constantly intercepting actions, your vampires are going to see allot of combat, and even if it is just a point of damage here and there, it adds up. Aid from Bats provides for a maneuver, a point of R damage, and a press at superior, which in combination with Rat's Warning presses and the Spawning Pool can result in a great deal of damage being dealt to intercepted minions. Against a combat weak foe, continual pressed Bat attacks is a particularly humiliating way to be torporized. This deck relies heavily upon retainers for permanent intercept, combat enhancement, and bleed bonus, and while retainers are usually frowned upon due to their lack of speed, with the amount of untap available to this deck (7 Rats, 5 Wakes, 10 Cats), spending actions to recruit is hardly a hindrance, as most of your effort will be spent intercepting anyway.

_Doctor Doomlittle_ has the ability to hold off bleeds and votes (by intercepting them) for a good, long time, while a few minions consistently stealth bleed its prey with Spying Missions and permanent bleed bonuses. It does fairly well in a low combat environment, but sitting next to a very determined combat deck will usually be its downfall. By using versatile Animalism and the more flexible Obfuscate cards (Spying Mission, Swallowed by the Night), this deck is an example of how the Nosferatu can be used to deal with many situations in a fluid manner and often can come out on top.