Official VEKN Nosferatu Newsletter for October, 1999

So this month, instead of a huge destructive vampire, I am going to look at a small, mostly ineffective vampire, who has possibilities, but nothing real great going for her:

Daliyah (4) PRO, obf

As a Nosferatu, she is pretty sub standard--she only has one in clan discipline, and that at inferior, and her other, superior discipline is only shared by one other member of her clan (Ebanezer). As such, there isn't going to be much room for her in most Nosferatu decks, although she is an obvious sidekick for Ebanezer in some sort of Pot/Pro/Obf deck or something. As a result, she will rarely show up in a Nosferatu deck, and rarely get to benefit from her Nosferatu clan benefits (i.e. clan specific masters or cards). This does not mean she is completely useless, however. Being a 4 point vampire with a superior discipline, regardless of what it is, automatically garners her some respect. Luckily, there are plenty of other vampires out there with Protean, and Daliyah clearly needs to be hanging out with them--if the Nosferatu won't take her, the Gangrel surely will.

The combination of Protean and Obfuscate doesn't immediately spring to mind as a useful combination of disciplines, and upon further reflection, it still doesn't look that useful, but with the judicious use of skill cards, Dalyiah can become perfectly effective in the right decks. The fabled combo of Protean, Obfuscate, Dominate for a very resilient Stealth and Bleed deck, revolving around Zebulon, Greger Anderson, and a lot of Skill Masters, makes for a strong bleed deck, and Dalyiah fits right in. Using Protean and Obfuscate for stealth generation, as well as S:CE abilities, aggro damage, and Flesh of Marble combined with Dominate bleeding works well, and by throwing a Dominate master of Dalyiah, she suddenly becomes very useful.

Where Daliyah really shines, however, is in the all Protean deck. There are plenty of little vampires with Protean, and even a good supply of small ones with superior Protean. By designing a good Weenie Protean deck, you have a great place to take advantage of both of Daliyah's strengths--her PRO and the fact that she is a 4 point vampire.

The following is an all Protean deck that does surprisingly well, and while it is far more a Gangrel deck than a Nosferatu deck, Daliyah is one of the starring components:

"Yummm. Proteolicious."

1x Camille Devereux (5) PRO
1x Mirembe Kabbada (5) PRO
2x Daliyah (4) PRO
2x Chandler Hungerford (3) PRO
2x Ricki Van Demsy (3) pro
1x Anistasia Grey (3) pro
1x Sadie (2) pro
1x Igo-The Hungry (1) pro
1x Huang, Blood Cultist (1) pro

Crypt average of 3.08

2x Eco Terrorists
1x Zoo Hunting Ground
1x Backways
4x Blood Doll
4x Protean
4x Effective Management
14x Computer Hacking
2x Body Flare
4x Bone Spur
9x Earth Meld
9x Form of Mist
4x Delaying Tactics
8x Wake with Evenings Freshness
1x Atonement
1x Mr. Winthrop
4x Sport Bike
4x Renegade Garou
2x Hawg
1x Meat Cleaver
1x RPG Launcher

This deck is pretty much the extreme end of the Strike: Combat Ends nightmare that leads directly into heavy Immortal Grapple useage. It is an 80 card deck with 18 S:CE cards, but because of the deck structure, they will rarely, if ever, go unused and will rarely cause hand jam. The deck has persistient light bleed--a constant stream of small vampires Computer Hacking for 2 each--that if is blocked, will just play Form of Mist and get through anyway. Due to the low card combo intensity of this deck (the basic action consists of 2 cards--Computer Hacking and Form of Mist), there is plenty of room for defenses and what not. It packs a great deal of light intercept, 8 WWEF, and enough Earth Meld (S:CE-untap this vampire) to be a nightmarish wall to even the most persistient Weenie Tap and Bleed deck. Delaying Tactics is almost always useful, and can shut down a single minded vote deck for a whole turn (Delaying Tactics their KRC and watch them look arounf confused and hunt for the rest of the turn). The Renegade Garous are a great defense against Stealth and Bleed, weenie decks, and any slow soft vampire deck. Yeah, they cost 5 pool, but between the small vampires, blood dolls, and Eco Terrorists, this deck has a good pool supply to work with. Get the Garou on a Hawg with a Meat Cleaver or the RPG launcher, and you have a horrifying killer.

This deck will have trouble with a dedicated IG combat deck, but hopefully the Bone Spurs will make them work in another direction for a while, and the Garous will become little more than 5 pool loss for you against a deck that has any worthwhile combat (or the ability to steal your allies...), but is very effective in most other situations.