Official VEKN Nosferatu Newsletter for May 1, 1999

This month I have another Nosferatu deck design, that is, primarily, the result of James Coup wondering if such a deck could be built. Never one to pass up a challenge, I decided to put together the Pot/Ani/Aus intercept deck that grew out of a recent thread, and see how it went. Thus, I present to you:

"Hey! That's _MY_ Clog!"

6 Sheldon-Lord of the Clog (9) POT, ANI, AUS
2 Sebastian Marley (7) pot, ANI, aus
2 Kendrick (7) POT, ANI, aus
2 Sabine Lafitte (5) pot, aus

Total of 92, average of 7.6, worst draw of 36.

6 Minion Tap
3 Auspex
2 Potence
2 Info Superhighway
1 Slum Hunting Ground
1 Golconda
1 Giant's Blood

9 Undead Strength
6 Torn Signpost
1 Burning Wrath
1 Death of My Conscience
9 Eagle's Sight
6 Precognition
2 My Enemy's Enemy
1 Pulse of the Canille
7 Cat's Guidance
6 Drawing out the Beast
5 Rat's Warning
3 Raven Spy
1 Army of Rats
6 5th Tradition: Hospitality
6 2nd Tradition: Domain
5 Forced Awakening

Total 90 cards, 16 Masters.

This deck is actually very effective at intercepting stuff, but as an Intercept deck, suffers from the same problem as all Intercept decks--namely that it can't really get more than 2VPs in a five player game (one from the other guy at the table and one from being the last guy standing). The theory was to make an intercept deck that could use Eagle's Sight to be able to intercept your prey's actions, use the Potence to beat them up really good (making them get out more vampires), and end up ousting them in the same fashion as a Rush deck. The problem, however, is that it takes so much deck space to be a reliable interceptor that the combat angle is skethy, at best. The deck has, out of its 90 cards, 43 that exist to make the intercept strategy viable, and as such, simply doesn't have enough room to be truly effective at combat.

Its intercept ability is very effective, having light permanent intercept, Eagle's Sight, a good selection of transient intercept, and an incredible selection of untapping ability (up to 23 cards for this purpose).

The combat angle, on the other hand, simply isn't as effective as it needs to be, but still is a bit of a threat. The lack of Immortal Grapple in this deck isn't as detrimental as it is in a Rush deck, as the destruction of opposing vampires isn't as necessary to its survival, and as it is going to get in to most combats by intercepting an action, you can see what your opponent is going to do as a strike before you have to commit to yours. The DotB could be replaced by Immortal Grapples, but I am actually more afraid of getting into combat with some long ranged combat nightmare than having my opponents playing S:CE, so DotB it is.

There were originally Fast Reactions in this deck, as this is presumably the best kind of deck to utilize it, but as it turned out, it was simply chaff and did nothing but get discarded in the games I used them. Having to rely on 2 vampires to try and kill one of them simply is not effective, and the opportunity cost of the FR is just too prohibitive for reliable, effective use.

The crypt is kind of silly, but you need to have Sheldon out, as he has all three disciplines at superior as well as being a Justicar (for using the various Traditions in the deck). Kendrick is excellent, and Sebastian and Sabine are just happy to have a deck where they are useful.