Official VEKN Nosferatu Newsletter for April 1, 1999.

This month, I figured I'd post a favorite deck of mine that, while not particularly Nosferatu, is named after a Nosferatu, and primarily exists because I wanted to build a deck that made him worth using...

"The deck that makes Tiberius useful"

1x Normal (2) obf
1x Watenda (3) obf
1x Zoe (3) obf, cel
2x Tansu Bekir (4) OBF, cel
2x Tiberius-Scandalmonger (5) obf, cel
1x Victoria (5) obf, cel
1x Abd al-Rashid (5) obf, CEL
2x Kalinda (6) OBF, CEL
1x Miranda Sanova (8) obf, CEL

Total 56, average 4.66

1 Dreams of the Sphinx
1 Madness Network
1 The Rack
4 Blood Doll
5 Celerity
4 Haven Uncovered

6 .44 Magnum
2 Saturday Night Special
1 Ivory Bow
1 Flamethrower
2 Dragon Breath Rounds
11 Bum's Rush
4 Taste of Vitae
10 Flash
9 Psyche
5 Blur
5 Acrobatics
4 Pursuit
4 Sidestrike
1 Fast Hands
9 Disguised Weapon

This is, obviously, a fairly streamilined Celerity based Gun Rush deck, with a good supply of Disguised Weapon to get around the laborious process of equipping. The vampires are a tad expensive (and so are the guns), so there will rarely be more than 3 on the table, and the Blood Dolls are very important for pool management. There are more Masters than I usualy like in a combat deck, but as the deck relies on guns for its striking ability, there is often less card cycling than in a more card intesive combat deck, so they aren't usually a problem.

Generally, this deck will get out its first vampire, they will Rush someone, pull a Magnum out of their watch, and Blur them in to torpor. If an opponent uses S:CE as combat defense, there are plenty of Psyches for anti S:CE work, and since they double as presses, so they won't often clog my hand.

This deck suffers from most of the problems that Gun decks do, mostly that guns are expensive, fragile, and unreliable. With plenty of manuvers, IG probably won't be a problem and S:CE has already been mentioned, but a Tremere deck using Blood Fury will be troublesome.

While I wouldn't want to bring this deck to a highly competetive game (as it would be killed by high speed weenie decks), it is relatively successful in low intensity games, and does very well against most other combat decks.