Official VEKN Nosferatu Newsletter for March 1, 1999.

Of the Nosferatu's three in clan disciplines, only Potence stands out as the clear backbone of a specific strategy, namely beating folks up, which can be useful as an end in and of itself. Of the other two disciplines, Obfuscate tends to be rather difficult to utilize without another useful discipline to tie it to (like Dominate). It provides lots of stealth, but what are the Nosferatu going to use this stealth for? They can't really bleed for much, they aren't the best voters, and you don't really need to be stealthy for combat. Where, then, does the Obfusctate fit in? Pretty much all over, but usually in not as an obvious way as in other decks.

Here is a look at some of the more useful Obfuscate cards at the disposal of the Nosferatu:

Behind You: This is the best manuver the Nosferatu have available, and consequently will see a lot of use in combat decks. It is only useable on the first round, but if you need to get in to the second round to kill someone anyway, you aren't trying hard enough. The press from superior Immortal Grapple should help with this as well. It is just as useful in a ranged combat deck to back up Bats or Sewer Lids, and makes a great defensive addition to any Obf based deck. It can be used to avoid getting Grappled at close range as well as being a dodge to avoid getting killed by non Grapple based combat.

Swallowed by the Night: Not as good as Behind You for pure manuvering ability, but in a deck with plentyful OBF, can be very useful. As it works as either a manuver and +1 stealth, it is great for any sort of sneaky deck as it works towards your main, stealthy strategy, but doubles as combat defense if you get in to a tough situation. If you just need the manuvers, use the Behind You. If you might need the manuvers to get out of a tight spot, but usually will just use the stealth, SbtN is the card for you.

Night Moves: This card is incredibly useful as a back up to a Nosferatu Stealth/Vote deck. Send someone out on a Night Moves just to get the edge to help you pass your votes. As it is an action, it won't tend to jam your hand like action modifier stealth cards can, and at +6 stealth, who is going to block you? In large numbers, this card can be the basis of an effective weenie bleed deck. Imagine 6 or 7 little vampires bleeding you every turn at +3 or +6 stealth...

Sacrificial Lamb: This card really should be more effective than it is, but it is difficult to use. Including a few in any deck with large, OBF based vampires is always handy for opportunity targets, but building a deck around them is difficult. You need to be able to reliably get somone in torpor, and then have a large vampire with OBF to use it, _and_ have the stealth to back it up. generally pretty difficult. An evil little combo with this card is to use it with Nosferatu Performance Art--send Anson to Torpor and then consume him, all with 2 cards. Not going to come up that often, but will doubtlessly anger your Toreador pals when it does.

Hidden Lurker: Another card that should be more useful than it actually is. It helps get around S:CE, but you need to have a second vampire to use it, and they need to have blocked you in the first place. Usually, this card takes more work than it is worth, but having a couple in a Nosferatu Rush deck can be rather surprising to your opponents, and might disuade them from blocking your Bum's Rushes to deny you the manuver.

Cloak the Gathering: This is probably the best general purpose stealth card around, as your one vampire with OBF can provide stealth for every one else on your side. Handy in weenie decks, decks that rely on Third Tradition/Embraced vamps, and useful in decks that aren't comprised of all Nosferatu. If you feel that stealth will every be useful in your deck for any of your minions, this is the card to use.