Official VEKN Nosferatu Newsletter for Feb 1, 1999

This month I am presenting you all with another deck design. While not actually a particularly Nosferatu-esque deck, it clearly fits into the slipways by way of having half the crypt being Nosferatu. Considering all the recent No Card Limit/Card Limit debate that has be flying around here, this deck is a good example of a design that would simply not be worth playing under any strict card limit, yet doesn't contain 30 of any particular card, isn't particularly degenerate, and, well, isn't even particularly sucessful. Many players will recognize this deck as a variation on a classic pool gain design, with a strong versitility angle and an appropriate theme to fit into a February/Valentines Day issue. I present to you...

"Joanie loves Chachi"

6 Selma, the Repugnant (8) Prince, OBF, POT, for, ani
6 Anson (8) Prince, CEL, PRE, aus, dom (2x Masters a turn)

14 Minion Tap
3 Info Highway
3 Golconda
2 Elisium
1 Giant's Blood
1 The Labyrinth
3 Dominate
2 Presence
2 Obfuscate
1 Fortitude

8 Obedience
5 Redirection
4 Majesty
4 Freak Drive
4 Aire of Elation
6 Legal Manipulation
2 Lost in Crowds
10 Cloak the Gathering
1 Death of my Conscience
5 2nd Tradition, Domain
9 5th Tradition, Hospitality

Total 90 cards, 32 Masters.
Average crypt size 8, best 32, worst 32.

The idea of this deck is pretty clear--get out Selma and Anson, Minion Tap them repeatedly, 5th Tradition them to refill, and strive to keep them alive, eventually bleeding my prey to death with infrequent but large stealthy bleeds. 32 Masters is high, sure, but as you will always have Anson out, they flow quickly. If someone gets sent to Torpor, you always have the option of Golconda-ing them and bringing them out a second one.

The Discipline card selection is based on the fact that I know I will always have all the disciplines I need, so I can easily use the best cards from each discipline without having to worry about not being able to use them. Obedience and Majesty for combat defense, Redirection (which might just be better as deflection, but I want to spare the vampire blood) for bleed defense, Legal Manipulation and Aire for bleeding, Cloak as general stealth (for either vampire, regardless of whether or not Anson gets Obf), and 2nd Tradition for general defense (I'd use more, but I only own 5. I'd like to go up to 8. Anyone have any extras for trade?). The Freak Drives allow Selma to act multiple times a turn, and the DomC is a (one time) surprise for the Rush decks.

The deck works very well as a pool gaining monster, but suffers from being very vulnerable to losing one of the two vampires. Without Selma, my stealth angle fails and without Anson, most of the rest of the angles fail. Luckily, however, with a strong supply of Obedience to avoid combat, as well as some Majesties and Elisiums (it would also probably be useful to add some Secure Havens, but mine are in another deck), a Rush deck should have a bit of trouble taking anyone down.