Official VEKN Nosferatu Newsletter for Dec 1st, 1998

This time around, I'm going to finish off my look at the available Nosferatu vampires by examining the Anti Nosferatu (or !Nos as we like to call them...). While not actually Nosferatu (being anti and all), they have all the same disciplines and can do all the same stuff, so I tend to mix and match them freely. The !Nos are pretty much the vampires that the Nosferatu needed to be in the first place, and are generally superior vampires for the cost (especially the middle range vamps).

Dani****: Dani gets 4 stars (rather then 5) because inferior ani is not quite as useful as pot (KoKo gets 5. No one is better than KoKo.), but being a 2, Dani is always useful in weenie decks and Animalism decks in general.

Tommy****: Unless you are playing a Pot/Obf Rush deck (with the requisite 15 Behind Yous), Tommy is generally a bit more effective than Duck. Pot and Ani is a very good combat combination (Drawing Out the Beast/Immortal Grapple/Song of Serenity), although the vampire selection is kind of weak (as opposed to the Pot/Obf vampire selection).

Josef***: Kind of a weird version of Sammy, but replaces the usually useful Pot with the rarely useful Obtenebration. He is good for low combat Ani/Obf decks, but it seems unlikely that his Obt will see much use. He can get away with it, however, as he is a small 4 and has a really cool picture.

Agatha*****: She is _so_ good. The other 4 point POT vamps don't really have good backup combat disciplines (not counting the ever broken Jimmy Dunn), but POT and obf is the basis of a good deck (as opposed to POT/pre). She is pure goodness. That, and she is a really cute (in a twisted Nosferatu sort of way) punk rock girl.

Olivia*****: Where Agatha is amazing, Olivia is better. A 5 with POT and OBF, as well as a vote (a 5 point vampire with e vote?). Again, pure excellence. Both Agatha and Olivia are perfect for Nos Rush decks, but Olivia also can be useful for her OBF. Her Vicsistude? Well, she can't be perfect...

Nigel the Shunned*****: Nigel is what the Nosferatu always lacked, a solid 5 pointer with two in clan superiors and the third inferior. All of the 5 pointers like this are great, and Nigel is no different. POT and ANI makes for a poweful combatant, and the obf makes him good for both strong Pot/Obf Rush decks and Ani/Obf decks, as well as the obvious center point for the Pot/Ani combat deck. All this, and a really cool picture. How can you lose?

Beast*****: Again, an amazingly useful (if not way too useful) combat vampire. POT and OBF for the Nos Rush deck. He can easily fit into any Brujah Rush deck as he has cel. He has the ability to attack anyone at any time. He has +1 hand damage. Yeah, ok, he can't Rampage or call buy guns, but who cares? 7 is a bit steep for a good Rush deck, but he is so good, I suspect it is worth it.

Kendrick****: A really good vampire for a non combat deck. He has ANI and obf which makes for good Nos decks, and as a Priscus, he is a very powerful voting vampire. His POT and ANI make him good for combat decks too, but once you get to 7 point vamps, there are usually better ones for the same price for any particular deck. His special ability is useful and pretty much free.

Calebos***: A good strong 8 point vamp with a vote, +1 hand damage, and all three in clan disciplines at superior. As he is an 8, though, there are usually better vampires for a particular deck, but he is good for most Nosferatu decks as well as being useable in Brujah decks.

Cailean***: Very strong for a 10 point vampire, but a 10 point vampire none the less. His special ability is _very_ powerful for combat (but 10 point vampires are generally unacceptable for combat decks) and he is prone to having entire decks built around him. His OBF/PRE combination has potential for a good Stealth/Vote deck.

Yong Sun-Harmonist***: Apparently I don't have a Yong Sun, and I don't remember what his disciplines and specials are, so I am giving him an average score based on the fact that he is a 10. He does have a cool picture, though.