So you want to write a VTES Clan newsletter? Here is what is involved:


A) Pick a clan. Many clans are already claimed, although most folks (including me) have been slacking off of late. Anyway, pick one you like, and e-mail me to see if it available.


B) Write Newsletters. The content can be anything you want. Some suggestions:

-Vampire fiction

-Deck designs

-Clan strategy

-Discipline overviews

-Card overviews

You are free to write anything you want about your clan of choice, as long as it is interesting and entertaining. As official representitives of VTES, however, you should keep your Newsletters intelligent, on topic, and in support of the official rules (i.e. no Newsletter tirades regarding how you hate errata or how you think the game is best played with a one card limit). Variant rules and ideas are fine, but please keep in mind that you are a representitive of the VTES community as a whole.

C) Post your Newsletters. As the Clan Newsletters are primarily a function of usenet, please always post your Newsletter on (the official VTES newsgroup). How often you post them is up to you. The original plan was to post a new one every month, but after two years, things get slack. If you would like to archive them on your web site, please do so, and the Lasombra's web site has a link to a fairly comprehensive archive that seems to pick these things up.


Newsletter FAQ


If you have any questions, or are interested in becoming a Newsletter author, send me an e-mail at