1. What is this newsgroup for?
2. How do I set up an account?
3. Why is the group called
4. Why can't I post trades or sales here?
5. Where can I post trades or sales?
6. How do I behave as a model newsgroup citizen?
7. What does this abbreviation mean?
8. What does this term mean?
9. What are clan newsletters?

1. What is this newsgroup for? is an unmoderated usenet discussion group dedicated to the discussion of the collectible card game Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (VTES). can be read and posted on through any usenet capable newsreader program or on the web at

On either version of Google Groups, search for and you'll link to the VTES newsgroup. Be sure to realize, however, that when you are using Google Groups, you are using a web interface for a Usenet newsgroup, and that not everyone is using Goggle Groups (most folks use a newsreader), and if you are having trouble on Goggle Groups and ask for help on the newsgroup, make sure to point out that you are using Google Groups.

Appropriate topics of discussion include, but are not limited to, strategy, deck design, game design, game balance, tournament announcements and reports, and pretty much anything else related to the playing of VTES. By virtue of the group's original charter, posts about trades, auctions and sales of VTES cards are not allowed in this group.

The group was created in 1994. The original charter of the group is as follows:

Discussion of the trading card game "Jyhad". Topics will include the rules of the game, strategies for playing the game and information about the various cards and expansions sets for the game, as well as other topics deemed to be specific to Jyhad. Postings regarding sales, auctions, or trades of Jyhad cards are not permitted in this group, as they belong in the companion newsgroup r.g.?.marketplace.

The original charter is archived at:

2. How do I set up an account?

Instructions for using google groups or configuring outlook express to read the newsgroup can be found at:

If your isp does not carry, and you do not like using google groups, visit for other ideas for access to the newsgroup.

3. Why is the group called

When VTES was originally released, it was called Jyhad. Its name was changed to Vampire: The Eternal Struggle not too long after. No one has ever gone through the effort to start a new group called

4. Why can't I post trades or sales here?

The original charter of the group prohibited it, presumably to avoid the group being flooded with trade/sales/auction posts, making the actual discussion of the game difficult. There are many other avenues for trading/selling/buying cards online.

5. Where can I post trades or sales?

Originally, a specific newsgroup for this was created ( Currently, that newsgroup is mostly (although not completely) full of sales posts and e-bay auctions, with very little actual trading (although if you look a lot, you might find some VTES trading occasionally). Most trading seems to be done on specific trade websites:


or on the yahoogroups VTES trading listserve ( ).

If you are looking to buy boxes or singles, some good places to check include:

-The Lasombra (Jeff Thompson) sells boxes at competetive prices as well as singles at

-Potomac distribution sells boxes and packs, but not singles at

-In Europe, Walch and Nusser seems to be the place to go:

-e-bay is always a good place to look for good deals, as well as sell your cards.

6. How do I behave as a model newsgroup citizen? is an unmoderated newsgroup. This means that there is no one who specifically exists to make sure the place runs smoothly, and that everyone needs to police themselves and their neighbors. To this end, here are a few pointers on how to get along with everyone nicely on the newsgroup:

A. Lurk before you post. If you are new, watch the newsgroup for a few days/weeks before you jump in with lengthy discussions/arguments. You'll get a sense of how folks behave and interact, which is handy.

B. Stay on topic. We are all here to discuss the game VTES. There is a lot of latitude as to what this means, but if you are posting messages that aren't even remotely related to VTES, you are probably not doing what you should be. The occasional completely off topic personal announcement (births, deaths, marriages, whatever) comes up, as we are a community, and these are usually greeted with good humor or appropriate response, but you should probably shy away from starting lengthy discussions about your favorite video game, movie, or other interests. The occasional off topic post is generally tolerated by the group as a whole, but if someone regularly goes way off topic they will usually be called on it and asked to stop.

C. Quote relevant text that you are responding to. If you are writing a follow up to someone's post, quote the important parts that you are responding to--either sentences or paragraphs. Many newsreaders will quote and indicate quoted text for you, but if you can't figure out how to do this, you can, at the very least, use " " marks at the beginning and ending of the quoted text, with appropriate space between quoted text and response text (willy-nilly use of >> marks may cause havok when viewed with a web browser--another reason to get a nice newsreader program). Standard procedure is to place a quote in your message, and then follow it with your response. No one likes it when people "top post" (quote an entire message, and then just put your response at the top of the post) or "me too post" (quote an entire message, and just put at the top or the bottom "I agree!" or something). If you are going to put the effort into responding, make it worth everyone's time to read it.

D. Try and use appropriate punctuation and spelling. You are here trying to communicate with other people, and maybe even defend an argument. While no one will generally attack you for the occasional typo/misspelling, run-on sentence, or dangling participle, people like to see an attempt to use capital letters, correct spelling, and punctuation. Generally, if you write without these things, your messages will be ignored.

E. Title your posts correctly. People like to be able to sift through posts by title, so make sure your title is appropriate. It is also nice, if you are starting a thread of a type that comes up a lot, you put a tag at the start of your title in parenthesis. Some of the common tags are (DECK) for a deck post, (REPORT) for a tournament report, (TOURNAMENT) for a tournament announcement. Avoid using brackets "[ ]" instead of parenthesis "( )", as brackets tend to make things dissapear in the subject lines in google.groups. For reasons we don't understand.

7. What does this abbreviation mean?, being a discussion forum with a specific focus (VTES), tends to refer to the same things over and over again, and to this end, there are many common acronyms or abbreviations that you might come across. Some of the more common ones include:

Clans: Most clan names are shortened to some abbreviation (Bru = Brujah; Tre = Tremere, etc.), but there aren't really hard fast rules.

Anti-Clans: Often, antitribu clans will be abbreviated with an "!" at the start of the name (!Bru or !Brujah for the Brujah Antitribu). It is some math shorthand that someone decided was a good way to indicate antitribu clans.

Disciplines: Disciplines are abbreviated as the first three letters of that discipline, either in all lower case (for the inferior version) or all capital (for the superior), i.e. POT is superior Potence where pot is inferior Potence.

CL: Card Limit. Often preceded with a number (4CL). VTES does not use a per card card limit (i.e. your deck can consist of, like, 90 of the same card if you really want), and thankfully, discussions of card limits seem to have finally vanished for the most part. But if one comes up, it is good to know this is what CL means.


S:CE: Strike: Combat Ends.

IG: Immortal Grapple

PTO: Protect Thine Own

ECU: Eldest Command Undeath

ADF: Auto Da Fe

SC: Succubus Club

KR: Kindred Restructure

DU: Dramatic Upheaval

DotB: Drawing out the Beast

PF: Pulled Fangs

TB: Thoughts Betrayed

NRA: No Repeat Actions

LSJ: L. Scott Johnson, the official Net Rep/Rules guy

VEKN: Vampire Elder Kindred Network, the official player's organization.

A great deal more of newsgroup specific terminology can be found at:


8. What does this term mean?

The VTES newsgroup tends to have a lot of weird lingo/shorthand, often refering to different deck styles, thrown around on a regular basis by people who have been around for a while. Some of the more common examples:

AAA: Toreador deck revolving around Alexandra, Aneke, and Anson.

Clown Car: A Ravnos breeding deck that uses Ravanos Carnival to make cheap Embraces or Tumnimos. Usually kills you with Week of Nightmares.

Malk94: 1994 era technology Malkavian Stealth and Bleed deck.

Mill: A deck that plans on destroying its prey's library with cards like Slaughterhouse and Feline Saboteur. From "Millstone", a library killing card in Magic: The Gathering.

Multi-Rush: A combat deck that generally uses 1 main minion and has them take multiple Rush actions per turn by untapping with Freak Drive or Forced March (e.g. "Fatima Multi Rush")

Tier1: Consistienly winning deck; a "best" deck type.

Turbo: A deck that uses the Soul Gem and burning your own vampire to play get another vampire in play, taking many actions in a row with a chain of burned/Soul Gemed vampires (e.g. "Turbo Baron")

Twister: A deck that depletes its own library quickly, often through the use of Burn Option cards, to set up a recursive card situation, using the same small number of cards over and over (e.g. a "Henry Twister" uses Henry Taylor's special ability to play the same Earth Meld over and over after artificially depleteing its library.)

9. What are clan newsletters?

The VEKN organizes official Clan Specific strategy newsletters that are posted on a semi-monthly basis on this newsgroup. They are also archived on the web at and as well as many other web locations, as well as being available as a mail based list serve.

This FAQ is created and maintained by Peter D Bakija ( with support from Jeff Thompson. Last updated 09.08.09.