This is Matchbox 20!

Matchbox 20 is an american rock band that was formed in Orlando, Florida in 1995. The band consist of 4 members;
Rob Thomas, Kyle Cook, Paul Doucette, and Brian Yale. The band also has touring guitarist and keyboardist
Matt Beck along with a touring dummer Stacy Jones. They sing pretty good songs that have a lot of meaning.

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Albums by Matchbox 20
Album Description Date
The name of this album is "North".
This album sold 95,000 copies
and has a total of 15 songs and includes my two favorite songs;
"She's So Mean" and "Overjoyed".
September 4, 2012
This album is named "Yourself or Someone Like You".
This is actually Matchbox 20's first album and was number 5
on the Billboard 200 chart the year after.
It has a total of 12 songs that include the songs "3 A.M" and "Push"
October 1, 1996
The album "More Than You Think You Are" has a
total of 12 songs that are pretty amazing.
This album also has another one of my favorite songs called "Unwell".
November 19, 2002