Some Kimbell Genealogy

The database stores people by their birth name.
While divorces are recorded ex-spouses aren’t deleted.
Unmarried partners, regardless of how long-term they may be, are not included.
Extended families of all the descendants are not included.
The only way to show a person’s age is by their birth year.
Since this is a record of the family tree at a specific point in time it will say things like:
"His wife was..." even if they're still married.
"Their two known children were..." even if they're still alive.
Greg doesn’t (intentionally) make things up. If you see anything that's incorrect, please let him know: Greg Kimbell.

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NameLife SpanBornDied
A Alejo, Briana
Aujero, Greta1943-Duenas, Ilo-Ilo, Philippines
Avallone, Khaleesi
Avallone, Tennyson
B Beadles, Elizabeth1826-?
Beadles, India Elizabeth1901-1985Hickman Co., KentuckyFulton, Co., Kentucky
Beadles, Mamie Angie1895-1988Clinton, Hickman Co., Kentucky
Beadles, Marshall Lockridge1841-1908Tennessee
Beadles, Sidney Brice Marshall1862-1938Graves, KentuckyHickman Co., Kentucky
Beadles, William A.1804-?North Carolina
Bradley, Scott
C Cashon, Sopha1806-?
D Dowling, Margaret1950-Waterbury, CT
E Elizabeth, Mary1790-1839Rowan County, NCHickman Co., Kentucky
H Harris, Agnes1710-1781New Kent, VirginiaSpartanburg, South Carolina
Harris, Prisilla1754-1830Granville, NC
J Jackson, Amanda1859-1886
Jackson, David Lawson1973-
Jackson, John L
Jackson, John Scott1971-
K Kimball, Marshel Thomas1920-1995Hickman Co., KentuckySan Bernardino, California
Kimball, William1707-1767Brunswick, VAVirginia
Kimbell, Adelynn Kylie2018-
Kimbell, Amadea
Kimbell, Amanda Caroline1858-1933Hickman Co., KentuckyHickman Co., Kentucky
Kimbell, Amaya
Kimbell, Amey1753-1794
Kimbell, Angeline (Aujero)1989-Cabcaben
Kimbell, Annie Bernice1885-1958Hickman Co., KentuckyGraves, Kentucky
Kimbell, Anthony
Kimbell, Artie1886-1886Hickman Co., KentuckyHickman Co., Kentucky
Kimbell, Artie1887-1887
Kimbell, Benjamin1754-1837Warren, NCHempstead, Ark
Kimbell, Benjamin1783-?
Kimbell, Benjamin A.1725-1794Brunswick, VAWarren, NC
Kimbell, Benjamin R.1827-?Tennessee
Kimbell, Carolyn Joan1941-
Kimbell, Catherine J1847-?Hickman Co., Kentucky
Kimbell, Charles1766-1795Warren, NC
Kimbell, Claud1895-1967Hickman Co., KentuckyFulton, Co., Kentucky
Kimbell, Claud "Junior"1926-1978
Kimbell, Clifford Kenneth1945-2010
Kimbell, David1755-1840Granville, NCHenry, GA
Kimbell, Eunice1888-1910
Kimbell, Gregory1954-Hamtramck, Michigan
Kimbell, Henry
Kimbell, Ida Gertrude1880-1904KentuckyHickman Co., Kentucky
Kimbell, J.B.1922-1990Wyandotte, Michigan
Kimbell, James1751-1794Warren, NC
Kimbell, James Benjamin Franklin1859-1938Hickman Co., KentuckyFulton, KY
Kimbell, James Harris1882-1966Hickman Co., KentuckyHickman Co., Kentucky
Kimbell, James Wesley1917-1997
Kimbell, Jasper Newton "Jap"1852-1936Hickman Co., KentuckyHickman Co., Kentucky
Kimbell, John1947-Detroit, MI
Kimbell, John Wesley1893-1951Hickman Co., KentuckyFulton, Co., Kentucky
Kimbell, Leonard1757-1830Warren, NCHalifax, NC
Kimbell, Linda Faye1948-Helena, Montana
Kimbell, Linda Lou1940-Fulton, Co., Kentucky
Kimbell, Lottie Mae1896-1979Shelby, KentuckyAustell, Cobb, Georgia
Kimbell, M. Lon1884-1962Hickman Co., KentuckyHickman Co., Kentucky
Kimbell, Margaret1926-2009Shelby, KentuckyMurray, Calloway, Kentucky
Kimbell, Mark Anthony (Morales)1985-Cabcaben
Kimbell, Martha Harriett1820-1852North Carolina
Kimbell, Mary A.1823-?North Carolina
Kimbell, Mary Imogene1920-1992
Kimbell, Mary Lucille1933-1936
Kimbell, Mary Sue1933-2007Hickman Co., KentuckyClinton, Hickman Co., Kentucky
Kimbell, Myrtle Lee1883-1965Hickman Co., KentuckyMemphis, Shelby, Tennessee
Kimbell, Nathaniel1747-?
Kimbell, Ransom1749-1813Warren, NCFort Madison, Clarke, Alabama
Kimbell, Rebecca1764-1800Randolph, NC
Kimbell, Richard Washington1878-1955Hickman Co., KentuckyHickman Co., Kentucky
Kimbell, Robert Wesley "Wes"1900-1978KentuckyKentucky
Kimbell, Stephanie Marie (Morales)1986-Cabcaben
Kimbell, Tennessee Ann1862-1942Hickman Co., KentuckyHickman Co., Kentucky
Kimbell, Thomas Henry1829-1911Tennessee
Kimbell, Vara Mae1892-1980Hickman Co., Kentucky
Kimbell, Virgil B1923-
Kimbell, Wetona1924-1924Hickman Co., KentuckyHickman Co., Kentucky
Kimbell, William1762-1831Caroline, MD
Kimbell, William1786-1876North CarolinaHickman Co., Kentucky
Kimbell, William Claude "Claud"1892-1917Hickman Co., KentuckyHickman Co., Kentucky
Kimbell, William E.1825-1894North CarolinaHickman Co., Kentucky
Kimbell, Willie Royce1930-1931
Kimble, James Richard1814-1864North CarolinaHickman Co., Kentucky
Kimble, Mary Matilda1845-1914Hickman Co., KentuckyHickman Co., Kentucky
Kimble, Rebecca Katherine1848-1938Hickman Co., KentuckyHickman Co., Kentucky
Kimble, Susan Ellender1843-1933Dickson, TennesseeHickman Co., Kentucky
Kimble, Zelpha Elizabeth1850-1924Hickman Co., KentuckyHickman Co., Kentucky
L Lacewell
Lacewell, Jerry Keith1967-
Lacewell, Jerry Lee
Lacewell, Tammy Lynn1970-
M Maddison
McBride, John Wesley
Murphy, Henry Clarence
Murphy, Henry Ferguson
Myers, Martha Emma1879-1947Hickman Co., Kentucky
P Patricia
Pichelmayer, William C. "Sonny"1930-2016Hanceville, Alabama
Pickard, LaVerne1903-1946Shelby, KentuckyGraves, Kentucky
R Ramos, Aaron Quinn
Ramos, Jesse Thomas
Ransom, Mary1732-1765Virginia
S Shire, Joseph
Shojinaga, Krystalynn
Smith, Brandon Louis
Smith, Christopher W
Smith, Mary Polly1788-1868VirginiaHickman Co., Kentucky
Smith, Megan Jo
Stephens, Mary Elizabeth1852-1939Hickman Co., KentuckyHickman Co., Kentucky
Stephens, William Thomas1836-1924TennesseeGraves, Kentucky
Stewart, Hurshel Kimbell1912-1955Hickman Co., KentuckyMacon, Noxubee, Mississippi
Stewart, William Thomas
T Taylor, Tamela1966-
Taylor, Thomas
Taylor, Trina1968-
Tidwell, Rebecca Caroline1823-1896TennesseeHickman Co., Kentucky
V VanPoole, John1790-1864Rowan County, NCHickman Co., Kentucky
VanPoole, Martha Frances1838-1918Hickman Co., KentuckyHickman Co., Kentucky
Via, Abby
Via, Hunter
Via, Richard
W Walker, Adella Annie1852-1918Hickman Co., KentuckyHickman Co., Kentucky
Walker, Mary Jewell1919-1989Graves, Kentucky
Weaks, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bell1865-1917
Weaks, Ola Mae Adylott1884-1971Fulton, Co., KentuckyMcCracken, Co., Kentucky

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