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Brave June Dairy Parade participants. The weather was foul but the moods were cheerful.
MMC won a prize for their entry. Congratulations!

Kassandra Neff leading the Limited field (2010)

Brennon O'Dell going for a ride (2010)

Brennon O'Dell and dad on the line (2010)

Steven Sherwood wins the Hillcrest Cup (2010)

Taylor and Ashley singing the National Anthem (2010)


Taylor Netti paces the Junior Novice field (2010)

Lucas Arnold on the line (2010)

Maddie Dimorier's game face (2010)


Ashley Neff and Elijah Griep (2010)

Mid State at the Bicentennial Parade

Special Thanks:
to AJ Burgess of the Fingerlakes Microd Club and Little Wheels Speedway
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Bo White and Rachel Owens waiting at Pit On (2007)

Colton Wilson (42) and Joseph Ingraham (24) battle for the lead (2007)

Rachel Owens leads Jeffery Hatfield and Andrew Wood back to the line (2007)

Novice Microd driver Carter Watson is ready to go (2007)

The Pits are calm before the Heats begin (2007)

State Tour Champ Jr Novice driver Derek Holochak picks up a win (2007)

Bo White and Nick Cinquanti lead a tight Limited Heat out of turn 3 (2007)

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