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We Save Time...

Manifold Data Systems was founded by firefighters looking to communicate vehicle and equipment status throughout their department quickly and efficiently, and to simplify the administration of daily maintenance activities.

The Work Order Database Management System is designed to simplify and streamline the relationship between maintenance customers – fire departments, ambulance services, police departments, taxi and bus fleets, corporate vehicle fleets, building managers – and their maintenance providers.

We replace the filing cabinets, the fax forms, the phone calls and the follow-ups with automated record keeping and messaging.

We design and host your work order database. We can provide additional services, including periodic report generation, data file exports, and database maintenance and management.

For Distributors and Maintenance Providers, we make it easy for your sales and service operations to be pro-active in serving your customers.

We save time – your time! For more information, call or email us today!