Summer Parade of Daisies....$55.00

This collection includes Painted Daisies, Purple Coneflower, Shasta Daisies, Leopard's Bane, Blanket Flower, False Sunflower, Sneezeweed and Black Eyed Susans. From late spring until fall you will have daisies galore for picking and as reliable anchors of your sunny flowerbeds. In May you'll have the fresh yellow daisies of Leopard's Bane followed closely by the pink and red Painted Daisies to announce summer's beginning. Then the Shasta Daisies' buds open sparking white with yellow centers. The Black Eyed Susans appear next, bursting with color and long lasting beauty. The golden yellow blooms of False Sunflower are made for the warm days of July. And it's not over yet. Still to come are the striped Blanketflowers and the Purple Coneflowers to liven up the late summer afternoons. Finally, Sneezeweed's red and gold flowers blend with the hues of fall. Thirty two plants and countless daisies to enjoy from May to October.

Quantity:     Price : $55.00.