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Bodacious Bouquet Collection
Here at the Magic Garden we believe life is uplifted by the presence of flowers and certainly it feels right to bring summer's glory inside as much as possible. Here you have a ready made cutting garden and no decisions to make. Plant them in vegetable garden rows, or in-between perennials, or make a spectacular garden of them. Forty eight plants, eight varieties. This collection includes fragrant Clove Pinks and Nicotiana, tall Snapdragons, ruffly Zinnias, Salvia, Pincushion Flowers, brilliant Rudbeckia, and ferny Cosmos. The more you pick the more they bloom.

Butterfly Garden Collection
Create a haven for butterflies and watch them flutter from flower to flower. This collection has four plants each of Coreopsis, Dianthus, Centranthus, Echinacea, Echinops, Helenium, Achillea, and Gaillardia. These are nectar plants that will attract a variety of shimmering butterflies to your own piece of heaven. These plants bloom long especially if spent flowers are removed periodically. And, if you look closely, you may even see one of the fairies that ride the butterfly `steeds'.

Fragrant Garden Collection
Why not tempt all the senses when in the garden, we ask? Fragrant flowers are nature's aromatherapy. Here are eight varieties chosen for their ability to uplift our spirits as we breathe them in. Included are Stocks, Butterfly Snaps, Nicotiana, Signet Marigolds, Clove Pinks, Sweet Alyssum, Annual Phlox and Anise Hyssop. All are long blooming in the garden and long lasting in the vase. Plus, they not only smell good, they're gorgeous too.

Lavender Garden ~ one of each
While there are many different forms of the wonderful genus Lavandula, all share its strongly perfumed leaves and flowers. Here is a chance to try six different lavenders, each with distinct characteristics. Plant these where you can enjoy their fragrance- Lavendula multifida and `Lady' are ideal in containers. Both bloom early and continuously. Pink lavender is a delicate variation on the purple theme. The other L. angustifolia cultivars will feel right at home close to walkways and paths. Please note: hardiness of these Lavenders is noted on their tags and in the catalog. Some are not winter hardy and must be protected in our region but we still enjoy growing them for their various forms and textures. Included are the following: L. multifida, L. rosea, L. angustifolia `Hidcote Blue', L. angustifolia `Munstead Dwarf', L. angustifolia `Provence Blue' and L. angustifolia `Lady'.

True Blue Garden
This collection may begin to quench the thirst for blue flowers. We promise absolute true blue, in spite of the subjective nature of color. You get one of each of the following: Gentian Sage, Poor Man's Weatherglass, Southern Star, Honeywort, Anchusa, and Chinese Forget-Me-Not. All are annuals that will be happy in containers or in borders for a cool blue treat from June `til frosts. This is our favorite way to get the blues.

Summer Parade of Daisies
This collection includes Painted Daisies, Purple Coneflower, Shasta Daisies, Leopard's Bane, Blanket Flower, False Sunflower, Sneezeweed and Black Eyed Susans. From late spring until fall you will have daisies galore for picking and as reliable anchors of your sunny flowerbeds. In May you'll have the fresh yellow daisies of Leopard's Bane followed closely by the pink and red Painted Daisies to announce summer's beginning. Then the Shasta Daisies' buds open sparking white with yellow centers. The Black Eyed Susans appear next, bursting with color and long lasting beauty. The golden yellow blooms of False Sunflower are made for the warm days of July. And it's not over yet. Still to come are the striped Blanketflowers and the Purple Coneflowers to liven up the late summer afternoons. Finally, Sneezeweed's red and gold flowers blend with the hues of fall. Thirty two plants and countless daisies to enjoy from May to October.

Vine Sampler
This twisting, twining collection of climbing plants will find their way into your heart and up whatever you give them to climb on. We've included four individually labeled plants- one each of Firecracker Vine, Canary Creeper, Asarina and Cup and Saucer Vine. All are fast growing annuals that will reach heights of eight to ten feet or more. Provide some support in the form of a trellis, strings or netting and you will be well rewarded all summer long.