The Magic Garden Catalog of Plants - Salvia
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# 125 Salvia farinacea 'Victoria'
Mealy Cup Sage
Annual/ Height 18"/ Space 10"/ Sun, part shade
Neat blue-green foliage is topped with spikes of dark blue flowers. Try massing with Snapdragons and Zinnias or in groupings throughout the flowerbed.

# 128 Salvia viridis
Tricolor Sage
Annual/ Height 18-24"/ Space 10"/ Sun
Grow this uncommon bedding plant not for its flowers but for its pink, white or purple bracts that top each upright stem. Secret flowers are hidden under each bract. Great in drifts between Cosmos and Dianthus. May self sow.

# 360 Salvia coccinea 'Lady in Red'
Texas Hummingbird Sage
Annual/ Height 20-24"/ Space 10"/ Sun, part shade
Vivid red flower spikes arise from deeply veined leaves. A beacon for hummingbirds.

# 361 Salvia coccinea 'Coral Nymph'
Texas Hummingbird Sage
Annual/ Height 20-24"/ Space 10"/ Sun
Tall wands of coral-peach flowers make this a standout plant for favorite terra cotta pot. Try it with blue flowered Delphiniums and Baby Marguerites.

# 362 Salvia patens
Gentian Sage
Annual/ Height 18-24"/ Space 10"/ Sun
For true blue flowers, you must have this! Large, deep blue, claw shaped flowers are produced seemingly forever on tall stems.

# 885 Salvia x superba 'Blue Queen'
Perennial/ Zone 4-9/ Height 20-24"/ Space 24"/ Sun/ Blooms early summer.
Plants form neat, drought resistant clumps that rarely need division. Flower spikes are deep violet-blue and are numerous, creating a solid mass of color for many weeks. Cut back spent flower spikes and you will be rewarded with a second bloom in late summer.

# 540 Salvia apiana
White Sage
Perennial/Zone 6-9/ Height 16-36"/ Space 12"/ Sun
A Native American herb used to make ceremonial incense, with aromatic and beautiful velvety grey-green leaves on well branched plants.

# 545 Salvia officinalis
Broadleaf Sage
Perennial/Zone 4-8/ Height 16-24"/ Space 10"/ Sun, part shade/Blooms early summer
Silvery-green leaves with lavender flower spikes. For dressings, sauces, stuffings, and looks great dried in herbal wreaths.

# 1085 Salvia transylvanica
Perennial/ Zone 4-8/ Height 24"/Space 18"/ Sun/summer to fall.
Deep blue-violet flowers are held on long, somewhat lax stems from early summer onwards, especially if spent blooms are removed.