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Single Perennials

Each year we scour our seed sources to find interesting perennial plants to grow. Our perennial singles range from well known favorites to some truly rare selections. All are first year plants with strong root systems, most will bloom this year, and will certainly be magnificent their second year. Pots are 4" square with a deep rooting zone, ready to grow and thrive for seasons to come.

Agastache rupestris
Sunset Hyssop
Perennial/ Zone 5-9/ Height 24"/ Space 12"/ Sun, part shade/ Blooms midsummer-fall.
This southwestern native is happy in poor soils, thrives on heat and drought, and produces its magnificent flowers over a long period. What more could we want? Fine, silver leaves form a mass of foliage crowned with wands of pink and apricot-hued tubular flowers. Like its aromatic cousin, Anise Hyssop, its scent is reminiscent of root beer or maybe peppermint-you decide.

Alcea rugosa
Ukranian Hollyhock
Perennial/ Zone 3-8/ Height 5'/ Space 24"/ Sun/ Blooms late summer
Single, creamy yellow flowers are borne on disease resistant plants that will come back year after year. While this one `goes' with everything, it is perfect with tall feathery Cosmos and rich purple Malva `Windsor Castle'.

Anchusa azurea 'Dropmore'
Italian Bugloss
Perennial/ Zone 3-9/ Height 4-5'/ Space 24"/ Sun, light shade/ Blooms mid-late summer
A great plant for the dog days of summer-makes a striking contrast with Rudbeckias and Heliopsis or create a cool oasis with white Cosmos and Cleome. Either way it is well worth it for its deep blue flower spikes and sandpapery, blue-green leaves. Can be short lived but keep an eye out for seedlings to pop out and place wherever they're wanted.

Angelica gigas
Biennial/ Zone 4-9/ Height 5-7'/ Space 3'/ Sun, part shade/ Blooms early summer
Use this architectural plant for the rear of a wide border or as a focal point in the herb garden. Deeply cut and divided, large leaves with burgundy red flowers on strong red stems are sure to make a statement.

Aquilegia flabellata 'Mini Star Blue'
Perennial/ Zone 3-10/ Height 8"/ Space 6"/ Sun, part shade/Blooms spring
Delicately scalloped, blue-green leaves paired with brightest blue flowers with white tipped nectary spurs. Truly breathtaking. Likes a rich, moist soil up front where its beauty can be appreciated.

Aster novae-angliae 'September Ruby'
New England Aster
Perennial/ Zone 4-9/ Height 36-48"/ Space 18"/ Sun/ Blooms late summer to fall
Bright cerise-pink daisies are held on strong, upright stems over velvety leaves. A very tough and adaptable plant, to carry the garden into fall.

Aster tongolensis
Perennial Aster
Perennial/ Zone 4-8/ Height 12-18"/ Space 12"/ Sun/ Blooms summer
Perfect for the front of beds and for cutting this daisy has orange centers surrounded by lavender blue petals. Compact plants form ground hugging mats with flowers held on sturdy stems. Prefers a well drained, fertile soil.

Calamintha grandiflora
Perennial/ Zone 5-10/ Height 18-24"/ Space 12"/ Sun, part shade/ Blooms summer
Purplish, rose-pink flowers are borne in clusters and cover this sweetly aromatic plant. Put this one up front where you can enjoy its pleasing minty scent as you pass by.

Digitalis grandiflora
Yellow Foxglove
Perennial/ Zone 3-10/ Height 24-30"/ Space12-18"/ Sun, part shade/ Blooms late spring-summer
Pale yellow flowers are held above shiny deep green leaves. Benefits from rich soil and some shade from afternoon sun. Stunning with scarlet Poppies and late Daffodils.

Digitalis purpurea ssp. heywoodii 'Silver Fox'
Biennial/ Zone 4-9/ Height 30"/ Space 12"/ Sun, part shade/ Blooms summer
Worth it for its silvery leaves alone but palest pink spires follow to steal the show. Each tubular blossom is creamy white inside with delicate burgundy spots. While technically a biennial, some plants do persist for years when happy and will certainly produce seedlings to carry on with. A fertile, moist soil will yeild the most magnificent plants.

Digitalis x mertonensis
Strawberry Foxglove
Perennial/ Zone 5-10/ Height 24-36"/ Space 12-18"/ Sun,part shade/ Blooms late spring, summer
Strong, sturdy plants have large, rounded leaves and spikes made up of coppery pink, tubular flowers.

Eupatorium fistulosum 'Atropurpureum'
Joe Pye Weed
Perennial/ Zone 3-10/ Height 4-6'/ Space 24"/Sun, part shade/ Blooms late summer
This native American plant belongs in the damp garden although it will certainly tolerate a wide variety of conditions as well. Red tinged leaves and purplish stems support large, rosy-purple, domed flowerheads. Needs space to reach its full potential.

Geranium pratense 'Mrs. Kendall Clark'
Cranesbill, Hardy Geranium
Perennial/ Zone 4-10/ Height 24"/ Space 18"/ sun, part shade/ Blooms early summer
Saucer-shaped flowers are silvery lavender-blue with darker veins. Long blooming, with ornamental, large, deeply divided leaves. Useful as groundcover.

Geranium sanguineum 'Vision Violet'
Bloody Cranesbill
Perennial/ Zone 4-10/ Height12-18"/ Space 18"/ Sun, part shade/ Blooms early summer
Low mounds of intricately shaped leaves support upturned dark pink flowers. Flowers over many weeks in early summer and sporadically thereafter. Easygoing, rewarding plant we wouldn't want to be without.

Geum coccineum 'Cooky'
Perennial/ Zone 4-10/ Height 18"/ Space 12"/ Sun, part shade/ Blooms early summer
Bright green leaves are deeply veined with fuzzy, toothed edges. Upward facing flowers are a clear deep orange with a central tuft of yellow stamens. Try it with purple Nepetas or Salvias.

Geum quellyon 'Mrs. Bradshaw'
Perennial/ Zone 5-10/ Height 24"/ Space12"/ Sun, part shade/ Blooms early summer
Thick rhizomes feed deeply cut, hairy leaves and long upright stems carrying double, red flowers.

Helianthus maximilianii
Maximilian Sunflower, Perennial Sunflower
Perennial/ Zone 4-10/ Height 6-8'/ Space 24"/ Sun/ Blooms late summer to fall
Tough, drought resistant plants make a towering backdrop by late summer with masses of 3" yellow, brown centered sunflowers. Likes a rich soil and some winter protection in northern climates.

Inula ensifolia
Swordleaf Inula
Perennial/ Zone 3-9/ Height 12-24"/ Space 12"/ Sun, part shade/ Blooms summer
Rugged and clump forming, with pointed leaves and strong stems that carry brilliant yellow daisies. Each disc flower is surrounded with a burst of slender rays. A magnificent cutflower.

Ligularia dentata
Golden Groundsel
Perennial/ Zone 4-10/ Height 3-4'/ Space 24"/ Sun, part shade/ Blooms late summer
Large, rounded, dark green leaves form a rosette beneath tall stalks bearing large yellow-orange daisy-like flowers. Relishes a fertile, moist soil. Shade is necessary in regions where summers are hot.

Ligularia przewalskii
Perennial/ Zone 4-10/ Height 3-4'/ Space 24"/ Sun, part shade/ Blooms early summer
Large, triangular, dark green leaves are sharply toothed and have reddish undersides. Tall yellow flower spikes are held on sturdy stems. Fine for wet or boggy ground. Water during dry spells.

Lobelia cardinalis
Cardinal Flower
Perennial/ Zone 2-9/ Height 36-48"/ Space 18"/ Shade/ Blooms late summer
This is perhaps the most regal of all shade plants. Deep green leaves and stems support rich scarlet, tubular flowers clustered around tops of stems. A flower designed for hummingbirds, a plant for your own shady glade. Provide a deep, rich, moist soil to keep this one happy.

Lobelia siphillitica
Great Blue Lobelia
Perennial/ Zone 4-9/ Height 24-36"/ Space 18"/ Sun, part shade/ Blooms summer
Despite its somewhat unfortunate name owing to its past use in the treatment of disease, this plant is a beautiful addition to any shade garden. Sturdy upright stems are crowded with clusters of blue flowers. As with all Lobelias, steady moisture is a must as is fertile ground. Protect with a winter mulch.

Lobelia x gerardii
Perennial/ Zone 4-8/ Height 30-36"/ Space 18"/ Part shade, shade/ Blooms summer-fall
Deep violet-purple flowers are arranged along stiff, upright stems. Very long blooming during late summer when we really need it. Stunning interplanted with Cardinal Flower!

Nepeta transcaucasica 'Blue Infinity'
Perennial/ Zone 3-9/ Height 36-40"/ Space 18"/ Sun, part shade/ Blooms summer
Spires of violet-blue flowers are produced in great numbers over many weeks, especially if spent blooms are removed periodically. As with other members of this genus, foliage is sweetly aromatic and plants are easily grown and long lived.

Malva sylvestris mauritania 'Windsor Castle'
Purple Mallow
Perennial/ Zone 3-9/ Height 36-42"/ Space 24"/ Sun/ Blooms summer
Given rich soil and room to develop this mallow will wow you with its deep velvety flowers over many weeks during its first summer. Its flowers are purple with darker veining and leaves have purple veins as well. Its longevity depends on growing conditions, it can act as an annual or perennial, but either way will always produce seedlings for next season.

Penstemon digitalis 'Husker Red'
Beard Tongue
Perennial/ Zone 3-9/ Height 24-48"/ Space 24"/ Sun/ Blooms early summer on
Rich maroon foliage is reason enough to grow this plant. If you do, you'll also be rewarded by palest lilac flower spikes. Deadhead before seeds are produced for longer lived plants.

Perovskia atriplicifolia
Russian Sage
Perennial/ Zone 5-9/ Height 2-4/ Space 18"/ Sun/ Blooms summer
Aromatic, silvery stems and leaves are topped with lavender purple flowering spikes from midsummer on.

Platycodon grandiflorus 'Double Blue'
Perennial/ Zone 3-9/ Height15-20"/ Space 12"/ Sun/ Blooms summer
Balloon-like buds pop! to reveal double flowers in a rich shade of blue. Balloonflowers are long lived and like a fertile soil where they will form neat clumps. Be sure to mark them well as they are often slow to emerge in spring.

Platycodon grandiflorus 'Hakone White'
Perennial/ Zone 3-9/ Height24"/ Space12"/ Sun/ Blooms summer
This is the double form in the purest white of new snow.

Platycodon grandiflorus 'Sentimental Blue'
Perennial/ Zone 3-9/ Height 6"/ Space 6"/ Sun/ Blooms summer
Dwarf plants have large blue flowers, up to 3" across. Ideal for edging or small gardens, it blooms long and is indifferent to summer's heat. It's cool, blue look may even help cool the gardener off as well.

Rheum palmatum
Ornamental Rhubarb
Perennial/ Zone 5-9/ Height 6-10'/ Space 3-4'/ Sun, part shade/ Blooms early summer
A refined version of the rhubarb pie variety, this one is just for looks. Bold leaves have deeply cut edges and thick upright stalks support large creamy flower panicles. A dramatic backdrop plant, excellent with Black Hollyhocks and dark leaved Penstemon `Husker Red'.

Salvia transylvanica
Perennial/ Zone 4-8/ Height 24"/Space 18"/ Sun/summer to fall.
Deep blue-violet flowers are held on long, somewhat lax stems from early summer onwards, especially if spent blooms are removed.

Verbascum bombyciferum 'Arctic Summer'
Biennial/ Zone 4-8/ Height 4-6'/ Space 24"/ Sun/ Blooms summer
Wooly-white leaves and stems make a stunning focal point. Pale yellow flowers and buds stud the tall, fuzzy stems. A large plant that is totally at home in the heat and sun of summer. Keep an eye out for `volunteer' seedlings after flowering.

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Ornamental Grasses

Achnatherum calamagrostis
Silver Spike Grass
Perennial/ Zone 5/ Height 36"/ Space 24/ Sun/ Blooms summer to fall.
This perennial grass will form strong clumps of silvery green fountains topped with gracefully arching flowers in June that last into winter. The feathery flowers start out silver-green and gradually turn earthy tan touched with pink. Great plant for mass planting, specimen, and makes a nice addition to bouquets. Provide a sunny spot with well drained soil.

Calamagrostis brachytricha
Korean Feather Reed Grass
Perennial/ Zone 4/ Height 4/ Space 2/ Sun, part shade/ Blooms fall
Sturdy, clump forming perennial grass with four season interest. Upright to arching stems hold feathery flowers beginning in September. Perfect with the Sedums and Asters of early fall.

Chasmathium latifolium
Wood Oats, Northern Sea Oats
Perennial/ Zone 5/ Height3-4'/ Space 24'/ Sun, shade/ Blooms midsummer
This native grass is grown for its oat-like spikelets that dangle from gracefully arching stems. Clump forming, thrives in a rich, moist soil. Flowering begins in midsummer with light green spikelets that change color to become reddish bronze and finally tan. Possibly reaches its most lovely stage on those bright, snow-dusted days.

Deschampsia caespitosa
Tufted Hair Grass
Perennial/ Zone 4/ Height 12-24"/ Space 18"/ Sun, partial shade/ Blooms summer
Cool season grower, prefers moist soils clump forming, neat green leaves and billowing cloud of inflorescences that change color from green to golden straw color by August.

Eragrostis spectabilis
Purple Love Grass
Perennial/ Zone 5/ Height 24"/ Space 18"/ Sun/ Blooms late summer
Airy flowering stems are reddish purple. Try combining this grass with Eupatorium or with the silver leaved Plectranthus.

Miscanthus sinensis
Japanese Silver Grass
Perennial/ Zone 5/ Height 3-5/ Space 24"/ Sun/ Blooms summer
Sturdy, arching leaves topped with gorgeous plumes in late summer. Breathtaking late in the day with the rays of the setting sun behind it.

Panicum virgatum
Switch Grass
Perennial/ Zone 4/ Height 4-8/ Space 24"/ Sun/ Blooms late summer
Upright tufts of light green leaves in spring are followed by airy flowerheads in summer and rich burnished golden yellow foliage in fall. Once established, it is a drought tolerant plant, very adaptable to a wide range of soils. Cut back annually in late winter or early spring. Use for screening, mass planting, or as an accent at the edge of pools or ponds.

Pennisetum alopecuroides
Fountain Grass
Perennial/ Zone 6 or colder?/ Height 24-36"/ Space 24"/ Sun, light shade/ Blooms early summer
Narrow, arching, shiny, green leaves are followed by fluffy, `foxtail' flowerheads that last into early winter. Foliage is light gold in fall, looking spectacular as the sun gets low in the sky each day. A natural for the water's edge or for mass plantings.