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Flowering Vines

We have often been asked to recommend plants for climbing on trellises, fences and walls. Here is our answer. These are climbing plants that will scramble up and flower this year with a little support. Some will reach great heights while others prefer a large pot to spill out of. All are sure to please as they twine and ramble around the summer garden.

All vines are grown in 4-inch pots for $6.25 each.

Asarina barclaiana
Creeping Gloxinia, Twining Snapdragon
Annual/ Height 5-7'/ Space 18"/ sun, partial shade
Just when many other plants are throwing in the trowel, this twining climber starts to put on its show -from midsummer until after the first frosts. Its tubular, delicate pink flowers are set off by elegant greyish green leaves.

Asarina scandens 'Joan Lorraine'
Creeping Gloxinia, Twining Snapdragon
Annual/ Height 5-7'/ Space 18"/ sun, partial shade
White-throated purple flowers hang down from this delicate looking climber. Heart shaped, shiny leaves are reminiscent of ivy and will make a solid backdrop for a garden of exotic annuals-try combining violet-flowered Angel's Trumpet, silvery Licorice Plant and Red Orach.

Calonyction alba 'Giant White'
Annual/ Height 10-15'/ Space 12"/ sun
Plant this one in your moon garden. Pure white, fragrant trumpets unfurl evenings and close the next afternoon. Large heart-shaped leaves provide a good screen.

Clematis tangutica 'Radar Love'
Perennial/ Zone 5-9/ Height 12'/ Space 18"/ sun
This Clematis becomes a shower of little yellow lanterns, with silvery seed heads to follow. Likes cool roots and fertile, well-worked soil.

Cobaea scandens
Cathedral Bells, Cup and Saucer Vine
Annual/ Height 10-20'/ Space 18"/ sun
Deep green leaves and vining stems are followed by cup-shaped flowers that start out as green buds and mature to deep purple as they open. Interesting fruits also. Blooms midsummer on.

Dolichos lablab 'Ruby Moon'
Hyacinth Bean
Annual/ Height 6-20'/ Space 12"/ sun
Dark green leaves are veined in maroon with purple undersides. Purple pea-like blossoms are followed by dark purple bean pods.

Eccremocarpus scaber 'Tresco Crimson'
Chilean Glory Flower
Annual/ Height 6-10'/ Space 18"/ sun
Self-clinging with bright orange-red tubular blossoms all summer and into fall. Keeps the hummingbirds busy.

Ipomoea x multifida
Cardinal Climber
Annual/ Height 15'/ Space 18"/ sun
A relative of the morning glory, with glossy green leaves and many little, bright scarlet, trumpet-shaped blooms. Try this on a bamboo teepee and watch the hummingbirds zip from one flower to the next.

Lathyrus latifolia
Perennial Sweet Pea
Perennial/ Zone 4-8/ Height 6/ Space 18"/ sun, part shade
Large clusters of pink pea flowers adorn bluish green leaves and tendrils throughout the summer months. Very adaptable and long lived - may self sow.

Mina lobata
Firecracker Vine, Exotic Love Vine
Annual/ Height 10-15'/ Space 18"/ sun
Fast growing vines require sturdy support. Flowers from midsummer onwards with sprays of tubular blossoms that gradually change color from red to yellow. Full sun but can tolerate a few hours shade.

Oxypetalum caeruleum
Southern Star
Annual/ Height 12-36"/ Space 10"/ sun
Grow this 1-3' semi-vine for its sparkling blue flowers and velvety green leaves. Can be grown in a patio planter for the summer and then bring it in for flowers into winter. The hummingbirds will love you for it.

Rhodochiton atrosanguineum
Chinese Purple Bell Vine
Annual/ Height to 4'/ Space 10"/ sun, light shade
Heart-shaped leaves are edged in pink and unique bell flowers grace this climbing beauty until frost. Try this one in a large pot where you can enjoy its beauty up close.

Thunbergia alata
Black Eyed Susie Vine
Annual/ Height 3-5'/ Space 18"/ partial shade
Twining to 5 ft.with light orange, black-centered flowers. Can be trained to spill out of containers.

Thunbergia alata 'Alba Oculata'
Black Eyed Susie Vine
Annual/ Height 3-5'/ Space 18"/ partial shade
Creamy white flowers with ebony centers are produced until frosts. Perfect for a big pot in the moon garden.

Tropaeolum peregrinum
Canary Creeper
Annual/ Height 6-10'/ Space 12"/ sun
This relative of the common nasturtium has clear, yellow-fringed flowers against deeply lobed, bright green leaves. Remarkably sturdy in spite of its delicate appearance.