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Annuals in 6 Packs

Happily, the time for planning the garden is here again. Annuals, with their bright colors and often furious flowering habits, can be a whole garden themselves or fill in the inevitable gaps left by more permanent perennial plants. Many of our selections are delightfully fragrant and will make gardens that beckon after long days of work. So check them out and expect to find some well known favorites and maybe something new to try out.

Ageratum houstonianum 'Blue Horizon'
Ageratum, Flossflower
Annual/ Height 30"/ Space 9"/ Sun, part shade
These are not your average short Ageratums- these grow into well-branched, tall plants-great for cutting and for a splash of lavender-blue in the border all summer long.

Anchusa capensis 'Blue Bird'
Summer Forget-Me-Not
Annual/ Height 8"/ Space 12"/ Sun
Clear marine blue spikes are set off by the prickly deep green leaves of this treasure.

Antirrhinum nanum variegata 'Frosted Flames'
Annual/ Height 8-10"/ Space 8"/ sun, light shade
Brilliant red flowers are set off by variegated green and white leaves. Very compact and free flowering if spent flowers are picked off regularly.

Antirrhinum majus 'Black Prince'
Annual/ Height 18"/ Space 8"/ Sun, light shade
Rich, crimson red flowers give off a steady glow, with the help of dark bronze foliage. Heat up the mixture with Dahlia `Diablo' and Coleus `Wizard' or cool things off with silver-leaved companions-we like it with Pyrethrum `Silver Lace' and Lavender.

Anthirrinum majus 'Brazilian Carnival'
Annual/ Height 30"/ Space 12"/ Sun, light shade
Tall bicolored Snapdragons for regal additions to bouquets or in beds for glorious summer color. Either way they are a brilliantly hued combinations of deep red, clear yellow, white, pink, and orange. Pinching early will promote bushiness and picking will keep them blooming.

Anthirrinum majus 'Double Madame Butterfly'
Annual/ Height 24-36"/ Space 12"/ Sun, light shade
Fragrant, double, Azalea-shaped blooms in shades of red, pink, purple, orange, yellow and white. For cutting and bedding it cannot be beat.

Anthirrinum majus 'Tom Thumb'
Annual/ Height 8-10"/ Space 6"/ Sun
We offer these short snaps for a burst of color at the front of beds and borders throughout the summer and into late fall. Their cheerful flowers are produced in a range of colors and bicolors including deep red, clear yellow, white, pink, and orange. Pinch these early if you can stand it, and keep deadheaded to keep those flowers coming.

Browallia americana 'Sky Blue'
Bush Violet, Amethyst Flower
Annual/ Height 24"/ Space 10"/ Light shade
White throated blue flowers are borne on well branched plants. Prefers cooler conditions or a well watered container during hot spells. May self sow.

Callistephus chinensis 'Floral Decoration'
China Aster
Annual/ Height 15-24"/ Space 8"/ Sun
The name means `beautiful crown' in Greek and the name is well deserved. You will be rewarded with fancy, long lasting cut flowers in late summer if you plant these easy beauties. This mix includes incurved, plume, pompon, single and bicolored forms.

Chrysanthemum paludosum
Creeping Daisy, Baby Margeurite
Annual/ Height 8-10"/ Space 6"/ Sun, part shade
The name comes from the term day's eye. These are real loves-me-loves-me-not daisies on small plants, perfect for containers or the front of the border. Multitudes of flowers just keep coming if deadheaded periodically. Easy and so refreshing.

Cleome hasslerana 'Color Fountain Mixed'
Cleome, Spider Flower
Annual/ Height 3-4'/ Space 24"/ Sun
A majestic plant on a grand scale. Its tall, spiky stems are topped with huge pink, rose, white, lilac and purple spidery flowers. Great combined with Cosmos, Asters, and Nicotiana.

Cosmos bipinnatus 'Sonata Mix'
Annual/ Height 20"/ Space 10"/ Sun
Large flowers in shades of pink and white are borne on compact plants. Use these in containers or up front in borders. Great wind and weather tolorance, and to top it off, their stems are still long enough for picking.

Cosmos sulphureus 'Polidor'
Sulphur Cosmos
Annual/ Height 30"/ Space 10"/ Sun
Still Cosmos but these are different-bushy plants with hot color flowers of yellow, orange and red. Nonstop flowers if deadheaded.

Dalhia variabilis 'Diablo'
Annual/ Height 16"/ Space 10"/ Sun
Dark reddish foliage and large flowers in shades of yellow, pink, red, purple and orange make this one a colorful addition to the border. Keep the hummingbirds busy with a hot color garden and try it paired with Salvia `Victoria' for a brilliant contrast. Dahlias form a tuber that may be lifted after the first frost, overwintered frost free and replanted the following spring.

Dianthus caryophyllus
Fragrant Carnation, Clove Pink
Annual/ Height 24"/ Space 6"/ Sun
Intoxicating fragrance will fill the room when you add these double, fringed blossoms to bouquets. Colors range from red to pink to yellow, with bicolors in between.

Incarvillea sinensis f. przewalskii 'Cheron'
Annual/ Height 10"/ Space 8"/ Sun, partial shade
The delicate lacy foliage is beautiful on its own, but wands of tubular creamy white flowers make this plant a real treasure for containers. Likes a moist, rich soil. Blooms all summer.

Lobelia erinus 'Crystal Palace'
Annual Lobelia
Annual/ Height 6"/ Space 5"/ Sun, partial shade
Zillions of striking, deep blue flowers contrast with bronzey foliage. Keep well watered and fertilized through hot spells as this plant prefers cool, moist conditions. Try filling an old tub with Lobelias and Pansies for a match made in heaven.

Lobelia pendula 'Sapphire'
Annual Lobelia
Annual/ Height 6"/ Space 5"/ Sun, partial shade
Jewel-like, deep blue with a white eye. Trailing. Choose this variety for cascading over the edges of containers and windowboxes. Try it in a pot with Petunias and Baby Marguerites.

Matthiola incana '7 Week Trysomic Dwarf'
Annual/ Height 12"/ Space 6"/ Sun
Spicy clove fragrance fills the air near these cottage garden favorites. Ruffled, double blossoms are palest pink, soft rose, yellow, purple, red and lilac. Well branched plants flower over a long period even during hot summer weather.

Nicotiana x sanderae 'Fragrant Cloud'
Flowering Tobacco
Annual/ Height 36"/ Space 8"/ Sun, partial shade
Purest white, star-shaped trumpets are produced on strong, upright plants. Very shade tolerant and intoxicatingly fragrant for those cool summer evenings.

Nicotiana x sanderae 'Sensation'
Flowering Tobacco
Annual/ Height 24-36"/ Space 12"/ Sun, partial shade
Creating a fragrant garden couldn't be simpler with these beauties. Old fashioned fragrance is released from the star shaped blooms in the evenings although flowers stay open all day. Full range of colors includes crimson, red, pink, lavender, cream and pure white.

Nicotiana sylvestris 'Only The Lonely'
Flowering Tobacco
Annual/ Height 4-5'/ Space 18"/ Sun, partial shade
Tall and elegant, this plant makes a great backdrop with its panicles of long white trumpets. Evening scented, its flowers light the way through the moonlit garden.

Nierembergia hippomanica 'Purple Robe'
Cup Flower
Annual/ Height 8"/ Space 6"/ Sun
Feathery stems are studded with zillions of purple, yellow-centered flowers. Long blooming, although it appreciates removal of spent flowers from time to time.

Pyrethrum maritima 'Silver Lace'
Dusty Miller
Annual/ Height 12"/ Space 8"/ Sun
Very finely divided, silvery-white leaves are produced on well-branched, sturdy plants. A favorite in containers or beds where its feathery foliage will blend with anything.

Rudbeckia hirta 'Indian Summer'
Black-eyed Susan, Gloriosa Daisy
Annual/ Height 36-42"/ Space 12"/ Sun
This is the queen of July and August. Huge golden yellow daisies with deep brown centers make excellent cut flowers.

Rudbeckia hirta 'Rustic Colors'
Black-eyed Susan, Gloriosa Daisy
Annual/ Height 24-42"/ Space 12"/ Sun
This mix includes vivid bicolors of mahogany and orange, rusty brown and yellow to warm the soul.

Salpiglosis sinuata 'Royale'
Painted Tongue, Velvet Flower
Annual/ Height 18-24"/ Space 10"/ Sun
Rarely seen annual with exotic Alstomeria-like flowers. Colors are richly diverse - petals are burgundy, purple, yellow, apricot, red and pink set off by contrasting centers and conspicious veining on petals. Excellent cut flower. Likes heat and sun.

Salvia farinacea 'Victoria'
Mealy Cup Sage
Annual/ Height 18"/ Space 10"/ Sun, part shade
Neat blue-green foliage is topped with spikes of dark blue flowers. Try massing with Snapdragons and Zinnias or in groupings throughout the flowerbed.

Salvia viridis
Tricolor Sage
Annual/ Height 18-24"/ Space 10"/ Sun
Grow this uncommon bedding plant not for its flowers but for its pink, white or purple bracts that top each upright stem. Secret flowers are hidden under each bract. Great in drifts between Cosmos and Dianthus. May self sow.

Scabiosa atropurpurea 'Butterfly Imperials'
Pincushion Flower
Annual/ Height 24-36"/ Space 12"/ Sun
Tall, branching plants hold flowers on long stems, perfect for cutting. Buds are beaded and open to reveal perfect pincushions. Flowers are crimson, maroon, pink, lavender, purple and white. Stake for more upright plants.

Solenostemon scutellarioides 'Wizard Mix'
Annual/ Height 10"/ Space 10"/ Shade, part shade
At least ten different leaf colors and bicolors are possible in this mixture-from deepest velvety red to apricot to chartruese, all variously blotched and ribboned in pink and green and more. Plants do well in containers and brighten up the shady corners. Pinch to encourage bushiness.

Tagetes tenuifolia 'Lemon Gem'
Signet Marigold
Annual/ Height 8-10"/ Space 12"/ Sun
Hundreds of dainty, lemon yellow single flowers cover tidy low mounds of lacy foliage. Plants have an aromatic lemon verbena scent.

Verbena bonariensis
Tall Purple Verbena
Perennial/ Zone 7-10/ Height 36"-48"/ Space 10"/ Sun
Lilac purple flowers sway atop long airy stems. Group these tall, spare plants for best effect. In our northern zone 4-5 these are annuals-quick to flower and usually self sow. Try with tall Nicotianas and red- leaved Hibiscus. Offered in a 4-pack.

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Violas & Pansies

Violas and pansies love the cool conditions of early spring and fall. Plant in rich loam and feed regularly. In the heat of summer they appreciate regular watering and deadheading to keep their fresh look. These are plants for containers, at the feet of spring bulbs, or pick an elegant bouquet of these for a fragrant treat. Edible flowers too.

Viola hybrida 'Sorbet Mix'
Hybrid Viola
Annual/ Height 6"/ Space 5"/ Sun, part shade
Small flowers are held in profusion above the foliage. Flowers `look' toward the sun. A truly cheerful plant for planters and edging. Five colors in perfect harmony- creamy white, pale yellow, bright yellow, lavender and purple. Edible blossoms make the prettiest salad.

Viola hybrida 'Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow'
Hybrid Viola
Annual/ Height 6"/ Space 5"/ Sun, part shade
My personal favorite. Flowers start out white, fade to pale lavender and finally end up dusty purple. Individual plants end up with flowers at every stage and color.

Viola x wittrockiana 'Flamenco Mixture'
Annual/ Height 8"/ Space 6"/ Sun, part shade
Velvety flowers crown dark green rounded leaves. Very old fashioned with big, ruffled flowers in shades of mahogany, violet, lilac and yellow accented with dark blotches and picoteed edges.

Viola x wittrockiana 'Ultima Morpho'
Annual/ Height 8"/ Space 6"/ Sun, part shade
Named for Costa Rica's Morpho butterfly, this Pansy has vivid lavender-purple outer petals and contrasting yellow, whiskered faces. Very long blooming.

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Just as the heat of summer starts to make the garden look limp and faded, along come the Zinnias, drinking up the summer sun and radiating it back from bright flowers. Here are our picks; three varieties that will make a refreshing display during the dog days of August.

Zinnia angustifolia 'Tropic Snow'
Annual/ Height 10-12"/ Space 8"/ Sun
Fine narrow leaves are nearly covered with cool, white two-inch flowers. To say these plants are heat and drought tolerant is an understatement.

Zinnia 'Profusion Cherry'
Annual/ Height 12-15"/ Space 12"/ Sun
Here is a Zinnia that was bred for disease resistance, heat and drought tolerance and non-stop flowering. I'd call it a success on all counts. A veritable profusion of two inch, cherry-pink flowers are produced all summer on plants compact enough to be used in containers.

Zinnia 'Profusion Orange'
Annual/ Height 12-15"/ Space 12"/ Sun
Hot colors don't get any warmer than this! Compact plants bloom their way through the heat of summer in a striking shade of orange. We liked these with deep purple Heliotrope and Salvia farinacea `Victoria'.