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Do you provide overnight housing?

Yes we do...IF we're not full! In Fact, we do mostly overnight care. But only for a small number of dogs, if I do not have that number at the time, then I can accept more.

What do I have to do to get my dog into Puppy Trails Daycare & Overnight Spa?

Call us to find out if we have an opening and to book your evaluation visit.

The Meet & Greet:

In-Home Kennel-Free boarding/daycare means your dog is free to run, play and snooze with our other guests. Because the dogs are in a communal atmosphere, we carefully screen all dogs at a "Meet and Greet" session prior to accepting them for services. During the Meet and Greet, we are looking for very specific behaviors.

Since I have my own dogs...They will be introduced first. There will be a bit of "this is my yard" communication from my dogs, but that also should be brief and is necessary.

We would like to see:

  • The dogs express an eager greeting to the other dogs, lots of sniffing, and gentle invitations to play.
  • It's extremely important that all dogs in a communal play atmosphere are ready to have fun.

What we Don't like to see:

  • Any dominant behavior, growling, or aggressive play
  • A preoccupation with escaping the fenced area.
  • Since guests are in my home, males must not mark! Males or females that exhibit this behavior will have to wear a "Wee Wrap" (with pads, that you shall provide) for the duration of their stay, or they must leave.
  • Dogs must be able to be trusted in a home environment when alone. If not, they must be crate trained.
  • Non-stop barkers, or Disruptive behaviors
I would expect the behaviors that you find acceptable in your home!
If it appears that your pup is having difficulties adjusting, I may require you to bring him/her for a day of daycare (fee charged) prior to boarding.

What dogs can come to Puppy Trails Daycare & Overnight Spa?

  • -Puppies over 12 weeks and up to 6 months, who have been vaccinated.
  • - Dogs over 6 months must be neutered or spayed.
  • - Healthy Dogs: All dogs must furnish current proof of Distemper, Parvo (DHLPP), Bordatella (Kennel Cough) and Rabies vaccinations. Rabies is not required for puppies under 4 months.
  • -Dogs with a Negative fecal test within the last six months.
  • - Friendly Dogs: No dog will be admitted to Puppy Trails who has bitten a person or another dog. No dog who is protective of food, toys, or space will be admitted.
  • -Dogs must be on flea and tick control.
  • -You must sign and complete an application. rules & regs, and waiver agreement.
  • - All dogs must pass temperament evaluation during the required interview.

Why my dog need a Bordetella vaccination?

Respiratory infections in dogs are called Kennel Cough or Canine Cough. While not a serious illness, it can turn into pneumonia, and it is quite contagious. The Bordetella vaccine greatly reduces the probability that your dog will contract the virus, although it will not guarantee it. To help ensure an optimal healthy environment, our daycare requires an annual, or 6 month, Bordetella vaccination.

Will Doggie Daycare ?fix? my dog's behavior issues?

Puppy Trails will satisfy your dog's needs for supervised exercise, companionship, play, socialization and structure, but it will not remedy behavior problems. We encourage you to contact a Training Center, behavior specialist and/or arrange for classes or private lessons to help with behavior issues.

What do I need to bring to Daycare or Boarding?

Please have your dog wearing a collar (preferably without excess tags). It also "must' be tight enough not to slip off the little guys head.

If you wish us to give him a snack or meal during the day, then bring some of his food. We have plenty of treats on hand for rewarding all the dogs, but for an actual meal, your dog should have his own food to prevent intestinal upset.

Please do not bring any toys, we have plenty of our own. All toys must remain neutral to discourage possessiveness.

What if my dog is injured or sick?

If this occurs, and the problem is minor, you will be notified when you pick your dog up. If vet care is needed, we will transport your dog to our, or your, vet (whichever is faster). You will need to call to give them permission to treat. All medical costs will be assumed by you. Please refer to our waiver for more details.

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